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13 june, 1996
early wake up
I mean like five fourty five
justin it's seven am
okay jean,

whups, sorry, it's only six - you can sleep some more.

she drove me an hour in to columbia missouri
the only place there's more reporters is in dc
I was too little sleep conked and crashed in the car

room view wokeup for nine am delivery only brian in the room
start slow and build up

low moments were taken up with introductions and why the web

ann huber does reviews for bookstacks dot com
but none site of her own
she aspires to post up information on adopting feline lukemia positive cats

bryan bryan talked much and sort of slowly
told stories, or heard himself talk
I think, I think, he started his sentences
works hard, he does, obviously on his news page

estonia from estonia sees her country folk webbing
but not women
someday she'll go back and teach
she hadn't seen a computer before coming to the states just a few years back
now she's paid by microsoft to surf from home

she might have a home page someday,
but what about java?

don't sweat that shit, I don't have any.
fancy graphics software and scannings?
people won't visit without eye candy polish
no way, just look at bert and walter miller

conference notes jean typed along and so I hope she will post helen the least literate
comes to the front to take up the keyboard
try her hand at some html
and find the ease and simplicity of its practical application.

jim, no john's the geek the geeks are so often long haired, john meyer

security guy greg
sheriff reports that craig neidorf attended umo
essentially a publisher
couldn't resist distributing secret stuff.

it went a long time and then I passed out
on a conference table
used a handkerchief for a pillow

then on a couch
I love naps

and then waking up and driving with jean to meet her hubby for some din din
I tried to stop the exit with some photo against a wall
but my camera downloads too slow

ahhh technology

evergreen dinner at jean's favourite

evergreen restaurant
appetizer artichoke cream soup
dairy is easy but this had some subtle spice

of the entrees available meat was not in none
perhaps I could have compiled a veggie entre
I chose bottom feeders

jean applies lipstik to a young friend lipstik

jail church late night driving tour of arrow rock
a rock jail,
a wood church

late night satellite tv bullshit
Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure
with the guy who played TC on magnum PI
layers of mindfuck
two hours worth makes you hate women - hate men

and then stoned age
authentic drug media
boy girl talk of school:

what do you do up there?
party, school, not much actually.

smoking shit -
you catching a buzz off that stuff?

lots of blue oyster cult

late night movie premis
one hot chick with fake tits a movie does not make

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