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12 june, 1996
this morning again wake up to peacock mating calls like "helpmeeee" "helpmeeee"
bizarre and discontinenting

so I six thirty wakeup work on my web pages
revised /webpub to reflect my philos
work web daily, without html predating software

little kid in the house, hannah
playing horses with her and her mommy
little girl play more relationship contextual
here's daddy horse
here's sister horse
I was a young horse, and I didn't want to go to college

then somehow, she decided that I was a tiger

that was fun

three @ wheatfields stef and I breakfast with michael grobe
one of three guys who built lynx

you know what lynx is don't you?

definitely old school
definitely witty, wise, well edimicated

but he can't predict the future
and he didn't get rich

another lynx project guy ended up at netscape

now he's marrying the boss's daughter
this july

michael recommends shi shi beach as a spiritual point out beyond washington state

so powerful he couldn't get out of his car on first approach

education, learning through computer mediated professors
distance learning
is there some loss of impression
it doesn't stick with the student

versus democritization

much to say about the importance of bars
drinking talking eduction aborbtion

again, I say creation, right, having to synthesize the materials with your own fingers and brains
and opportunity, etc
production not consumption key

mad hustle for the bus stop at an organic grocer for memorable carrots fresh and tasty olive bread pick up at wheatfields
stef has to return her car I am call abbe don re: rheingold project status mine
what am I to do
is unnown but the attitude is up
folks are plugged in
that's the one thing you can say about rheingold, everything else aside, he wants to do right by folks.

bus riding with stefanie somehow discussing haughty german royalty she knew at yale
atypical greyhound faire

can drummer ash kansas city mo ssouri terminal I'm in line behind a rugged looking dude
road warrior apparel
catcher shin guards, shit kicker boots with native tassled leather leggings
quilted overcoat over guatemalan heavycoat
pendants and tattos
many crystals
running up his left ear side holes healed

I'm justin
I'm ash

we're different, I guess, presumption for discussion of town receptivity and eating habit
he's got that "road warrior diet" eats anything, feels the garbage in him
comin' from florida across to denver

most time ever spent in places
las vegas he could win if he didn't care about the outcome
made enough to live and party some
even that gets boring
9 mos in north carolina
arrested for burgalin
sleeping in the abandoned basement of a building someone else broke into
stuck the crime on him
starts bitchin' some 'bout the legal system

hey my family is lawyers
there's good that can be done

all of his belongings in a quilt secured with a scarf and a belt.

tatts I inquire about his tattoos, a spiritual series
from right to left:
anarchy on his hand
self-divinty, a new age symbol
the talon, death, native american
enlightenment through inward focus, egyptian
earth mountain mom, japanese
tomohawk war strength, apache
and on his forehead
cornstalk, life mohawk

tattd personal mythology.

dry eyeballs on the greyhound

stefanie is typing behind me
she just woke up chat strong sleep breath
like if I woke up next to her
people can claim you with their smells
I remember eating out mariah, and having her taste on my toothbrush for weeks following
got to pick and choose them smells significant
gots to be agreeable if its so pervasive

then again, maybe its like the greyhound - you just get used to it.

drivin through rock hewn roads

landing at the antique mall outside of columbia, missouri
find a book of chinese/indian literature, american from the fifties inside
100 proverbs, some wisdom from "mr. tut-tut" in the back
do you have a photocopy machine?

yes, her son sez
I'd like to pay to photocopy these last few pages
I'm sorry, she sez, looking up at my height from her stooped middle aged beef consumption
copyright violation.

I copied a few of the best down for you here:

all the universe is an inn; search not specially for a retreat of peace: all the people are your relatives; expect therefore troubles from them.
- Mr. Tut-Tut (translation: Lin Yutang)
jean arrive at ndn
jean in womanly glory with stef a younger in her field along
wrote eighties ms. cover story on diane sawyer, do women change the news?
of course they do
check out the burning bed story would never have been told

I promptly sat at a computer while they did errands
didn't get much work done on an inconstant connection but I did talk to mom, colin

over cajun dinner from trends to feminism
at 76 cents to every mans dollar earned
women are almost now becoming equality
reversing years of power disadvantage

a temporarily historical anomaly, perhaps
higher male birthrate in china

I made an arguement for scale
based primarily, if not solely, on my perceptions of the nature of things
that is there is always equal parts good and bad in something, power distribution
and so, if women did not have power in the professional sphere, or political power or legal power
they had power imperceptible
to us today, right, because it's power the sort of not delineated in history books

I mean half the population could not have been subjugated for that many years

the "oppressed" have power that we won't aknowledge
like black folks is subjugated as women have been
from their position they command fashion, language, music, athletics

not every black person is involved in this equasion
not every black person is so advantaged dissed

or from my own life, a summer spent in san francisco
I worked for wired, chandra was doing her own shit
my life was working out, professionally, I was stimulated, directed, thriving,
her no so at the time, extroverted
so from professional sphere of power had I
her not so
but in the home across the table in the bed in the car in the store
I was seldom match her will direction stimulation or lack thereof

these things be far complexier than we give credit

one in three women in the US has been raped

jean replies

I don't have anything to say

except that she faught battles and bears scars that will not be 'rased by relativism.

jean drives broad buik through the mossouri outlands bugs splatter like nebraska
smells like country fresh air
skunk, she sez

log cabin town with bar running since mid eighteen hundreds
quinine pill stopover before westward ho
gutter pavings laid by slaves

home with a judge husband, nice
got my own basement

the great mistake was satellite television
I ended up watching interview with the vampire
is this what anne rice writes like?

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