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21 june, 1996
seven thirty am wakeup
did not happen
but thanks to eric drops by
two sleepy heads drag it to the busport

colette gives me a check for twenny five
and a loaf of cracked wheat bread

I crash on the bus
choose the back, near kids

coopers next thing I remember, I was heading for the door
I had to find some veggie fare in a utah town fillmore
sorry, said the waiter, we are, out of baked beans
you can have the salad instead - the taste of rotted greens

browsed local classifieds - someone getting rid of
"free kitten/cats, cute but strange felines - house trained, good mousers"
and lots of people willing to trade most anything for a new 4x4

I gots to talkin with a single mom angela
and flirtatious danielle daughter only two not talking
but subject of conversant we
she she's on vacation leaving for a quiet town
likes to sleep sun and watch tv
computers she don't know haven't really seen too many

who's happy on the bus, she can see mine
I get to downloading some pictures
wow that's so neat

angela - danielle
look for our fring treber anderson/en, he's on the internet
send him our picture!

danielle is flirting floucing pouring water on the floor sit the fuck down! and don't fucking move! so harsh, even in the very back of the bus

three other kids been watchin' my putin' -
tiger birdie bear I take their picture and put it up as well
they have fun drawing on their faces

tiger birdie bear

so play computer for a while and chat for a while
not much chatting actually, just montana inbound
with their semi-stern native tattoed mom

to las vegas to visit dad
he works in bingo at the casino morongo
on a res near palm springs

tiger is sorta shy but pictures the others

birdie birdie talks much
tells me some stories
family herstory

bear bear is bolder, the oldest with hair down to his butt

a pound of pig!
las vegas action buffet
a pound of pig
cigar smoke and the sound of money
I ate some potato chips
a far sighted woman couldn't work my camera at the slot machine looking discerned
I spent three or four bucks on three or four minutes
of fun


coin castle the titty bar girls were fat
so were the customers
everywhere meat
cheap food
cheap disguised
las vegas
too bad I don't do drugs

so see I wuz thinkin' of changin' shit up - you know, like ah stayin' here for a night, and makin' see what hapens
then so it like dawns on me, right, when I'm playin these slots
howard sez craps makes you feel like a king
while you're rolling

I was throwing down with mormon money
spending web donated prophets
each dollah a sin

laughlin laughlin
I hope somebody finds love in laughlin
near the arizona border on a river in the desert
freeno keno and actual veggie sandwiches
the avocado and sprouts were poorly passable
but there were cucumbers
an 'mericans, watchin' western on the teevee.

c c, by tiger I found love before laughlin -
I want to marry the no more than four cc

she beat mercilessly on her siblings
called her mom cute
calls out mcdonalds at each sighting

(tiger took that picture)

bear draw bear likes to draw
he carries a scrapped DARE notebook to trace
he lays down paper on wilson's art, copies that.

the sun downs on the longest day
reading edward abbey is a perfect way to celebrate the solstice

these nevada hills rocks piles of majestic stone
make me wonder to wander - besides these craw-bushes, what life support they?
they darken, hues gray and red away from the west
between them the bizarre oases
to get away from what? what relief beef in the midst of america?
these hills are not american - they are alien
alien lifeforms reclining in repose
they mastered technology long ago in their resulting escape from manual labour,
they've hardened into massive, majestic form
and so I lap topped aspire to solitoo

there were people that lived amongst these hills

where is their wisdom?
what's their URL?

unburdened by the necessity of devoting most of their time to the production, distribution, sale and serviciong of labor-saving machinery, lacking proper recreational facilities, these primitive savages were free to do what comes as naturally to men as making love - making graven images
- Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire, page 116

chating earth sky sun solstice chants
on the dry ground
lord I can't run away
got thorns in my pants
plastic bottle shaker

sleeping in the back of the bus under blue light
late night hurtling down the freeway,
felt, and only evidenced by copassing moments

radia landed hotel congress
charm character
working old school radio tuned to "cd country"

something to brag about?
I'm far behind in web pagin'
and there's an old school phone here -
pick it up - wait for the front desk to connect yuh.

I unpacked my bag - goin' be here for three nights plus this abortion
feels good to unspell.

no special luxury here, but I've got band money

no tv

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