20 june, 1996
early early wakeup,
considering the absurd bed hour

so I rolled down south
past big copper mine holes in the utah mountains
each above town adorned with the flaming white initial of the high school
marking the mountains

and brigham young university
the big Y

eric was working with a prof, I was decided to wander
see this famous place

it's the young mormon hotbed, and so, what was going to happen?

byu view first off, it's purty
money, they have, those mormons
this place is sponsored by the lds

lds lds lds not lsd
so there's like lotsa nice buildings, nice grounds, surrounded by nice mountains.

seal people of varying friendliness, curiosity, like anywhere else.

folks here seem might white.

some mirth at my presence,
though not on the part of the one so far funky person I noticed
a short haired weird shoe wearin' woman

when they don't return a good morning, I'm tempted to say god bless.

most colleges consist primarily of straightlacers.

dancin' though not as straight as the shakers -

there were mormons dancing

wandering through the computer center looking for either a terminal or an authority
see t jay humphries, network security

t jay knock knock, can I come in?
hi I'm justin, nice to meet you,
I'm travelling arond the country talking to people about the internet
and so when my utah host brought me to byu, I thought I'd find out what the internet is like here.
I'd heard that folks trying to look at pornographic web sites will have no luck, that you guys perform some censorship on that

when people come to school here, they sign an lds honour code agreement

clean life principles.
we're concerned for the negative side of pornography,
can tear people down.
so we identify those pornographic sites, and block them
using a surfwatch list
he uses DNS/firewall blocking, block the whole domain
though we'd like to get better granularity

we've focused in on the visual aspect,
though there's dialogue that's pretty bad
not uplifting at all.

also, there's a legal side, because we have so many minors coming in to use our computers, and we are liable for what they can access.

t jay what about someone who wants to write a report on porn, explore and explain it's negative side

these protections, they are easy to get around, if you know what you are doing.
it's mostly an internal honour code
though if you do try to go somewhere that we've blocked, we'll throw up an honour code reminder
to protect us,
family values,
from addictive stuff.

they've been doing this for about a year,
occasional folks nailed with the naughty in public computer space

sent to the honour code office is nice, helpful instead of punative.

t jay recently reading reader's digest,

about gambling, it's just destructive, addictive.
to be avoided.

in terms of violence protection, that's up to surfwatch.

the living prophet besides, he cites,
the prophet says we don't go see rated R movies.

is this joeseph smith?
no, the living prophet.

interrupt evangel I for quick check,
both links.net and justin.org make it through their pornblock.

spirit of christ is conscience, path/plan
we become gods ourselves,
god has given us free agency to choose as much.
godhood, creating worlds, family.

um, is he serious?
it's like they've nailed up nietzsche.

these rules versus feeling the spirit,
you can ask the spirit about the holy ghost
get baptized, follow rules to recieve spirit.

but if I follow other rules, do other good stuff,
is everything good of christ?

the deciever has power as well.
but eternal life and exhultation come with covenant
go to him, he will bear witness to you if it is true.

what about folks workin' prior to the arrival of joe smith and the gold tablets?

st francis, wasn't he moving with a true spirit of christ?

he had cristian conscience, now there's covenants possible,
mormons going back to offer the dead a chance:

to be baptized, tied to their family, offered covenent opportunity.

but they're like dead, so they don't choose to be mormons?

no, they're afforded an opportunity to choose in heaven,
particularly when things start gettin' hot.

wow that's a lot of work you guys got cut out for you.

establishing the lineage and linking up and offering a no-obligation opportunity to be redeemed to each and every living and dead soul.

kinda weird to think I will be drafted in when I die,
the flip upside, they're researching the world's family history for folks.

should be on the net!

t jay

tjay: yes,
in fact, the reason for computers is geneology.
their mission: provide BYU resources, computers, networks to the world
for dispensation of truth and testimony
(no preachers in mormonism?

all that aside,

he's got to admit the breatheren are kind of slow.

but t jay wasn't, he even let me take his picture
directed me where I might find a public terminal
though I might not be allowed

I'm not ready to accept jesus christ as my lord and personal saviour
and he has to get back to work,
so I splitgo hunting

find a public terminal in a registration area
a student consultant affords me temporary access until someone else needs it

so I fire up netscape 1.0 on windows 3.1

looks like 16 colours
crawls like 1993

jacked it! score on www.links.net/sex
alrighty -

score! on hustler.com!

well, ahem,
I've got enough problems without honour code violations
visiting, caught with a screen full of snatch

so I enquire,
do you know the url for the file warning that pops up when you access naughty net nadirs?

and neither does she

well, cuz I like write a lot on the internet, travelling, etc.
wanted to check it out
so I tried hustler, and that worked, and I didn't want to use your systems to surf for porn, so

try playboy.com

oh the irony.

playboy don't work but hustler does?
I don't say much about their priorities, or mine,
but thanks,

stop! and it don't work,
that is to say,

I am warned


I send myself a few copies, the html source code
and take the opportunity to e-mail my mailing lists with quoted text.

like emerging from byu with the arc of the netizen.

hopeful emerge with the rest of these trip pictures developed and fixed up nice-like, so I can hoist the remainder of my journey from every hub and spoke on godhead's great wire world.

avalanche! past an avalanche or three
utah hills, wild country,
sort of
sundance site
robert redford range

there's lots of fallen rocks
and we lunch in park city
like crested butte hipper than thou
your hollywood away from home

familial free mormon service - finding your family in the computer
a warehouse of terminals
geneological monument

family searchin' I tried my dad,
don't know much about his side of the family
I came up with his social security number
otherwise there's too many john hall's lived n' died in the state of illinios

so I got to take that number and send it to the state, and so
so much for databases

I had dreams of lineage

to the cup of joe reprise,
fortunately better attended, there were two.
tomato soup

seshin ray walker and amy o'connel
I didn't spell their names right
they linger long he has good questions she wasn't going to do anything but does anyway and actually learns somethin'

he left to get a enviro handbook
he works at u of u and don't want to get political on their server

like jim hansen local pigfucker politician

we stayed until past closing midnite


treated well - 40 dollars donated, free food/drink

dead goatin' brief impulse to the dead goat
still a band plays
but only one song more
we dance, make a show of it

frank stopped on our way out by a wack hair

he's weird,
I wish I would stay

phil makes for me a gift of the new p4p album

lingering lone darning pants
eric spontaneous wakeup, wants to weave his web

let's do it

french toast joined by colette,

want some french toast?
I put peanut butter and honey on mine, like grampa and gramma

reuben and ed local filmmade you have to get it

you'll see really cool

chocolate bread french toast
nothing like brushing your teeth to wake you up again