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I had intended to change my web page again today
and so wrote an essay,
which is now trapped on howard's computer.

more to com

sept 3

I shouldn't be typing,

logged into spacebar
gosh I love those folks
made dinner plans in a hurry
and gabbed to engender pain

but I had to get up here to share interface ideas
that have seized my brain

the next frontier
this desktop shit
it's days are numbered

the masterchair intermediary -

a recycled church organ
with keyboard, keypad, trackball
monitor from the wall suspended fully moveable
more than one monitor in fact

but the feets -
each of the (many) organ pedals mapped to a key
key combinations
so yer maximizing yer appendages

and then,
yer butts in a sling,
like rockin' back and forth
up and down
suspended from the ceiling by bungee chords
allows you to swing, rock, lean,
and the chair will stay with you

pelvic support

cuz you got to be in motion
none of this lazy computer potato stuff
I want to gyrate like a charged particle

so buy an ad on my site,

they're real cheap
you'll finance the utility network interface kitchen

something's got to be done,
and spending more money to sit straight and still and type ain't it.

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