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oct 6

my soul look back and wonder
wake up and wander
how I got over

bad dream woke me and then I wandered
through the dew frozen low cloud town
under barbed wire near cows
and up on a forrested hill above town

I craved fire,
I had wood and stone circle
no implements
or a spark

the sun rose
burnt my eyes
made the world warm again

I showered

in the auditorium,
I slept through some or most of the .edu panel
woke up to hear a university educator suggesting the government step in
as the only institution large enough to fund and drive technology in schools

I make a comment that electric minds provides for me the greatest opportunity to persue hyperlinked learning opportunities

a hyperlinked textbook of personal computer history a la howard

approached by a gunnison teacher doing us history textbook with students
looking for help with structure
worried about enough RAM for running adobe, doing graphics work

just start
fill in manifold textual chunks
make the thing throb
then go get a grant with it

some of the faculty on stage present big government as the only potential saviour for computers in schools
I find myself on the republican side of that agenda
acknowledging anarchy and business and folks banding together more loosely to make it so

abbe offers electric minds as creation of an online digital storytelling community center

it is very well recieved

as is my comment that future such festival gatherings,

if they are to include ceos and politicians,
must continue to be collaborative.
everyone contributes
no energy suck.

at lunch our waitress has seen me on tv

first plane with abbe
talking eminds staff page stuff
and family holiday stuff
and trips and money
sage counsil

second plane with mark
performance interstanding
when he comes out as spoon
he doesn't just turbo blast them with energy
he 30 seconds throws folks off balance
keep 'em thinkin' that's key

he's a power combo - chicago theatre old salt and old world greek wisdom bullshit artiste
not that it's horse malarky, but it's so well spun

as for the types of people I attract after my talks,
think of the energy you put out
balance the high heat energy
and the solid grounded energy

he has faith in me, that I've a voice, and developing my own style
I've got fluctuating rhythm - that's good

we talk old jobs
he used to be a cab driver
I used to sell software
empathy is a great thing.

warm night in san francisco, lower haight kids crowd the streets

by the time I get out there I have a more sure date

I found her on spacebar

I'm attracted to her
it's strange
because she let's me talk almost
I spew, and then she comes back
but it's not so intense
or I'm talking to myself
times she's quiet, seems to stare out the window
I wonder, what's she thinking
she's not there.

I appreciate the free time I have without an intense relationship.

definite gunshot sound at 23.59 as I'm typing.

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