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oct 7

day at work
early morning work some on 06.24 and miss spacebar gathering of classmates
for ken gergen's class

mom reports $5000 fee assessed by a-one rent a car
and colin on the nyt bestseller list for taking time off

lunch with joi ito and mark and howard
fancy food, fancy crowd
joi runs with the rich white guys of the world
he laughs a lot, seems more fun than them
perhaps a little oput of synch with that world
quite at home with wacky wacky howard

design meeting

chandra calls for 38 minutes
she lives with people who put her up
this guy
then she uses his e-mail to scathe him
and he catches her
a fucked up deal

she's decided to learn about the web
she's decided to be a performance artist
always deciding
soon moving back to the bay area

dinner with scooter
we talk magazine articles together
who should we interview
for what publication
computer or not

pasta pomodoro
tower records, wesley willis and hamza el din

my home he visits
he observes

that's not a bed, that's a box spring.
it's too firm. no chick will bed down on that.

we go from career and writing
to women and gossip.

we're honourable men, surrounded by the addled.

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