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I'm at this conference. today I heard from 24 speakers in 14 hours.
I worked between and during speakers taking notes and photos.

so this is hefty, lengthy, long.
feel like learning about journalism and news industry in the year 2010?

(fortunately, the conference folk thot the best way to learn about that was to study other stuff - society and technology)

(I would have broken it up into hypertextual chunks, edited it, clean - but I have yet to compose myself for the first speaker birth near 8am.)

dec 4

wake up and shower
have dr. bronners, will travel
used it to brush my teeth - that was hard core
wash that @#$%! mouth out with soap.

hotel is purposefully disorienting
can't reach the street or the john without wandering between sylla and charibus

slots and crap

jean polls the electorate, I've already written twice for conference collective consumption and resolution by 9am.

opening the morning after 7.30am breakfast, jean sez she wants her speakers to "take the skin of [these publishers'] eyeballs
cites golds gym and nintendo as competitors

for time, time, time.

between jean and john petersen "futurist"
excitement about explosion of info right, that the amount we know, can access, doubles and exponents and off the chart
jean cites that studies say it might come to double every 73 days
and this explosion of info changes everything
does it?

explosion of what info? how many nike shoes sold in portland in third quarter 1996? proposed strategies for cable and computer integration?
there is tons of information generated all the time - look at all this useless bunk!
what is the effect of raw information on who?

identified critical issues of this industry:
competition as influenced by technology
plateau, standards, aggregated by large companies
or no stabilization - very volitile
social cohesion
folks will make sense of this
or be driven apart/mad
no economics

ndn is running a series of panels to flesh out scenarios
(I hear the clackety clack of other typists)
so they've identified four potential future worlds we are to discuss for the next two days:

"pissed-off republic"
aggregated competition + fragmented society
start a cult of honesty
gated communities and crime and militia
aggregated competition fosters fragmented society or visa versa?
"solomon 2.001"
aggregated competition + cohesive society
"we are the world"
cohesive society + splintered competition
"multi-headed monster"
fragmented society + splintered competition
small independents with easy access coming up with useful and timely information - "this one is the worst of all"
"might as well call it the frontier - it is america, we've never lived in another quandrant headed towards the center, part of our genius"

scenario scenario scenario
I'm rearranging my control panels.
write some email to my mom:
I'm sitting at my conference, these people are arguing about "scenario building" specifics and I'm pleased with portable computing.

reminds me of vjim at eminds meetings
when I pull out of computing, this stuff seems smarter
jean observes us most discussion centered around scenarios of fragmented society

chu riker

talking with greg fast exchange during the break
history of technology: railroads and airplanes
railroads lost the personal transport industry to airplanes

because they thought they were in the railroad business,
not the transport business
we debate the value of this scenariing
he sez it's a bit of scaled down futurist
recommends peter schwartz "art of the long view"
it's a bit of a seminar racket
time off, food, lodging, share your business anxieties
this difference is shotgun approach
so much info means you're going to get something
and this is not a vacation

his advice:
tell them their fears and they will love you

visualization time:
futurist close our eyes and coast and imagine the four worlds floating
a little scripted - "count your windows. what shape are they? describe the windows." and "think of this world, how does it feel? what's the colour?"
- okay, look, if I wanted to be in berkeley, I would have stayed home with amy.

but after world one, it gets better, he gets less grating
tho the scenario building seems a little strained - composed in a vaccum

jean identifies news org shortcomings as social -
want people to be something other than what they are

surf's up, dator

new competition? no competition!
jim dator, hawaii research center for future studies

"tsunamis" - let's study them, wax up our boards and surf them

optimism lies in the 22nd century
- global population shape and change
more and more folks in cities over 50% soon
shantytowns growing faster

entirely artifical world
forget preserving nature it's gone
"govern evolution"

current population trends - used to be half white half non,
next century single digit global caucasian "the new bronze age"

mobile global population - welcome them
if the world ever needed aloha they need it now

treat global environmental change like the cold war

third tsunami - economy
capitalism didn't win - communism died first
four counts on unsustainable
obsolete measures which don't reveal - stock, gnp
based on lies/myths - debt, far from a free market economy - command economy
equity - four tier society - unemployed superrich, overworked rich, marginally employed poor, permanently unemployable poor
environment and discounts future entirely, views future as consumable resource

the only game in town, like catholicism in 14oos, martin luther is among us

tsunami - crisis governments
democracy triumphant in word not deed
politicians run on promise of dismantlment
will become military, paramilitary, courts, prisons

given puny education and mindless distraction of media - not prepared to organize local

milias versus government or spontaineous self-government about to arise?
how can they control global economy

global corporates exchange large scale with local government not involved
emphasize - public discussion leading to global governance

late 20th cent tech solutions to late 20th cent problems
telework ends tyranny of distance and time
why go to school or university?
electronic government as desireable alternative
work and jobs are out
goal is full unemployment
infinitely easier than full employment
arrival of artificial intelligence
pretense to rational thought - free to play, pray, feel, love, emote

fruits of biological new foods new energy, lifeforms

competitors ignorance, apathy, greed and fear

stanford harris
dale harris of stanford
new models for new media in education

has 15 minutes for presentation
hasn't changed much - shows medieval etching of classroom

technologies -
ubiquitous computer
multimedia authoring and presentation software
high-speed communications
hypermedia navigation

we skim things, but we've been limited by language
non-linear navigation more natural
versus necessary mental discipline of linear thinking

this guy requires focus and attention - not hurling so many mind grenades but good stuff

30% of us population has daily access to computer at home or work
less in germany and japan
2% in mexico

this guy isn't used to talking for this short amount of time

grad level engineering courses online

increasing quality means providing flexible learning experiences to individuals
matching learning with student specifics
lecture, notes, test, discussion is a robust paradigm
years, cultures, subject areas

self directed study is key
where do we place blame? outside, teachers, etc.
give students responsibilty for success _and_ failure
the ones who need it the most tend to be the ones who reject that responsibility

blurring of boundaries between institutions
english global language
increased competition, taking classes - marketing and distributing content in learning environments
bob dylan was right - he can't quite quote him to his students
"something's happening here mr jones, but you don't know what it is."

what are the social needs? jean
involved, responsibility
new modern university system
jean - this is a university
wall recognizing scholars and students instead of donors
need for recognition

hollywood and web convergeance
kimberly nelson king, from "convergenz"

power of hollywood to influence is formidable - around the world
advent of interactive age going to expand hw power exponentially
and sense of social responsibility
enable people,
(exponential=frequent word)
bring people up to the american plate

game demo spielburg film making tool
you're the director of famous people
such a sense of giving you a privilige to play it
I hate that attitude

take people where they never concieved - what about a child's imagination?
make people feel, what hollywood does best
boy she's making me hate hollywood

hollywood is about to change due to technology
low bandwidth digital production studios
become more of a mindset - individuals making decisions
storytellers around the world will now be able to tell their stories from home.
a lot less time in the airport
more potent since not having to cater to hollywood mindset of lowest common denomonator for commercial success

no more focus groups - keenly proactive consumers

who are the early adaptors?
information geeks, she disagrees - grew up in bahamas, low tech
60s 70s tv reception was minimal, am radio, cb sets
early 80s, satellite dish - 22 feet in diameter, $5000
had no indoor plumbing but third worlders hungry for news accumulated it

hollywood skills but not filter - content will be king
hollywood will set the pace
teaching plans
symposiums around the world
targeted transmission in their lingua franca
she's not describing the new mindset
wireless technology turning third world into multichannel tv battlegrounds

convergeance convergeance glorious description of technology and sharing and new storytelling
blah blah blah people've been doing this for years and what?
hollywood shows effectiveness of communication and storytelling
recreate methods we use to teach and communicate with each other

question of mine - I don't unnerstand
training storytellers

william eadington professor of economics, UNR
- future of gaming in american
the real gaming industry - merging gaming with money
gaming 1982 - 10$bill to $45 1996, est. 150$ 2o1o

listing new forms of gambling since 1982

glorious future of gaming makes me want to assassinate

move towards protections, more ration

now gambling is accepted, with economic backlash

australia is cutting edge gambling country
slot machines - 1 per 100 people
mature gaming market 3% aggregate expenditures of customers disposable income
70% or 80% revenues from slot machines. people like computers.

issues of problem gambling going to be with us
so I wonder, do we prohibit? teach.

games people play
after dinner together monopoly
then television
then anti social computer/tv proliferation
tranformation from socially interactive gameing to antisocial environments

church, then movie theatre, then casino as cathedral
dispersion of gambling into home might do to casinos like vcr did to theatre

pure chance games most popular - answers "does god love me" slots
video poker, anonymity in decisionmaking
table games, decline, social
lottery cannot compete against casino
betting on racing - introducing slot machines, cuz too much learning curve, becomes like casino with circling dogs.
sports - illegal, niche market

he talks nice and fast - "do my justin hall presentation nice and quickly"

the future - las vegas
9/10 largest hotels in the world
13/20 hotels in the world
100,000 rooms available
5 mile radius - rome, ny, monte carlo, space, egypt, italy, south pacific

gambling - adrenaline, regression, rebellion, built around strong sense of winning makes feel more important

gambling 2o1o - on main street
disintermediate, local, in bars, in the home instantaneous play by play sports betting
whether society permits it. could they prevent it?

he's not breathing

video conference, box lunch
folding chairs facing a screen watching gambling experts from las vegas

tony cabot - lawyer
slot machines are already computer controlled
predicts new machines with entertainment value; big screens, animation
tech take over table games - table will know all, chip counting, card accountability, player tracking
casino games on airplane
internet gambling - going to happen, is happening
not yet - secure commerce (wouldn't send 25oo$ to belize), secure from hacking (go hackers!), integrity (regulating software), have to compete with existing institutions

david - president of virtual vegas
one of the most popular entertainment sites with free gambling
building virtual city, place to meet, shopping enertainment
tci and time warner to build broad band version (this is the content provider of the future?)
"we're building a community"
he's very upbeat and energy and optimistic - it's weird.
brand name
internet is made for getting people together in one space
and that's what virtual vegas is all about

sue schneider, "rolling good times"
provides interactive gaming news
develop followthrough, emphasis on interactive
pleasantly spoken followable review of common line of thought.
people are waiting for a cesar's online, they're waiting for the dust to settle

question about permission and backlash
either regulated or illegal and anyways, and then people get hurt
compulsive gambling easier to track online

funny slip up watching another class assemble somewhere else in silence
as there's still online gambling prattle
it's a nice mix - college women leaning back to exchange personal info is far better body language
than three suits at a table.

from here to a breakout
understand social needs to gauge the rest

virtual classroom "in 2o1o"
not really, more like some web pages with big image maps
don't wanna do html, want to do java, shockwave, vrml
take part in global information system
asking newspaper men to help

I'm taking time to process photos.

psychology of hypertext
how do we avoid the saturated self? he asks.

greg greg riker, microsoft
wearable technology - time travel and telepathy

he gives a multimedia presentation
presentation slides with sound and animation
(not crafted in powerpoint, but astound)

computers to become
bigger - inhabitable computer, like programmable thermostat, automobile
smaller - "how many microprocessors are you wearing today" (he's got three)

glasses are like wearable technology

stirrup: human + horse = superhuman strength
lens: human + optics = superhuman vision (printing technology requires visual acquity)
clock: human + clock = superhuman effort

measuring social acceptability - unfair advantage? retain your identity? does it come in designer colours? increase capability? self image? happier?

human i/o device aural, visual, kinesthetic - virtual reality headsets interrupt

impedance mismatches
static information - once printed, dated, once dated, old
incompatible media - fax, post, phone, email
molecules vs. bits, synchronus vs. asynchronus

bandwidth management
"evolution is always about saving effort, because entropy is so powerful, and energy is so difficult to obtain."
new species of human integrated communications technology in their lives
events should migrate to the lowest possible bandwidth
media types should evolved to asynchronus modality
mediators should be portable

yellow highlighter like mental hankerchief leaving yellow stains in books
left/pragmatist and right/philosopher
so have computer do left brain stuff - which functions can be meaningfully augmented
"personal computing"
cognitive augmentation
enhanced perception
hierarchy of proximity - with you all the time

the evolving self - mihalyi csikszentmi

satisfying the cyber-voter, stacey woelfel
open versus "directed" browsing for US prez
94% of visitors to clinton/dole site were going to vote for them
coming for what they want to hear - limbaugh
dole '96 was made for everyone - corporate, family stuff on the front page
dole 08 targeted, for the working wo)man, for the small business wo)man.
so the media role will be to have web watches

court technology laboratory
jim mcmillan, national center for state courts

designed to be conservative
service target: public, professionals, resellers
resellers include credit bureaus, direct mail
club med has contacted courts for divorce rolls

private production and distribution of records - issue of rights, ameritech and weslaw have tried to gain copyrights to all records they process or make available.
people in the audience can't believe that - "aren't those public records?"

blonsky arrives late
I met him a the first panel
now he's more forthcoming,
does much mad powerbooking
writes a goddamn novel at the table
why is he here?

we had a breakout for technology vision, inevitables and brainstorming
I wandered out to get group instruction, end up talking to blonsky about apple and immediate technology future
he recently returned his 53oo to the company for rebuilding and repair

sorry for the lemon.

preaching chrp - common hardware reference platform
one computer, runs windows NT, macintosh, and linux
so you can talk to business apps, creative apps, geek apps

I'm itchin'. by late 1997 - I hope a laptop.

jean - international influence
she's saavy, with web works from terry maguire
Africa Online
ten south american newspapers

and other sites that folks make since companies do not
how can newspapers insert themselves if people do it themselves?

and then we're supposed to group brainstorm "predetermined elements"
we have much more fun predicting and counter-predicting each other

glenn riff, editor of nj record, sees me photoshopping conference participants and asks me about $4000 briefcases to closely cover local events being a big money maker
what I'm doing has great potential I think

eventually, I really believe him
I'm thinking of asking for a revealers fee.

reception with eggrolls and fried chicken chunks
they work us tired and empty stomached,
then serve us alcohol
I'll pass

education presentation
university of nevada school of journalism

choice between technology center courses
and integration with critical thinking, writing reporting, analysis and creative presentation

schools in nevada with 120 mile each way commutes for the kids
this generation "I know hwo the fridge makse things cold. I don't care how,"
don't real newspapers
care more message is cool
emphasis on digital manipulation and message, not taking picture

noble savage neil neil is 17, noble savage graphics
started sctalk douglas county political forum
he's chief editor and webmaster of daily source of news for 2-3% of retirement community
he runs it fairly, a politically apathetic teenager in another town
for 17, he's very poised. strange to watch a young man present in this context.
I don't even know what I'm doing, I'm part of the universe of publishers
seniority isn't going to be as big a deal
you might find yourselves out of a job
noble savage competed with gannet for a large web site gig and got it.
and he makes a lot of money.
before taxes, about $90k, and he lives in reno, his rent is $285, and he's a full time student
only you writing for a newspaper need to relearn some skills - trying to write that way for the internet is ludicrous
I make all the money, someone else gets all the credit
once some of language gets ironed out, he could be truly effective
these companies their brain just stops when they reach the web
they need a web site cuz someone else has one
online writing and offline writing is that of microsofts ads -
presented as fact in papers, some tongue in cheek, but online the writing is addressed to you.

affirming greg's theory of shock value

donica - survey papers online - the ones not spending money are the ones making money

compared those spend more 100k with less in 1996
had signifigantly more daily users (average of 9,193 daily visitors, compared with 792)
design is not a big

stacey sez that between neil and I are polar opposites
I'm all credit and guilty when I speak of money, he sez
and neil is pecuniarily inclined

knight-ridder new media, robert ingle
online journalism lecture after dinner
tv based models will change the medium
jim mcmillan sez, naw, why would folks drop $300 for web tv, when they could get nintendo 64 with a web modem?
predicts proprietary data that's not at large on the web
knight-ridder has 4 terabytes of data online.
now government records are for profit, they charge reporters for access.
reporters need to get "data" - digitally if possible
reporters need to get in feedback loop - every article with e-mail address
bad scene to solicit feedback and don't respond
want reporters to become "multimedia triple threats"
not be afraid to carry hi-8 cameras
the audience is the content - people talking to people who care intensely about a subject.
can't stand labour cost of transcribing listings - soliciting audience labour
print newspaper, compact, highly organized, sustained for 20-30 years
context background interpretation most important.
jean - so who should we hire? less rigid people.
displaying crack series
there will always need to be editors is bankrupt theory, because people expect the supply of supporting information.
jean solicits the last piece of advice
you don't start learning until you start playing the game
bring it into the newsroom - integrate it, otherwise you're not being a learning institution

steve miller - nevadanet
I wished for a boring speaker so I could work real hard
I got my wish - he gives these guys a lesson
"let's look at the pulitzer legacy, in light of what I think is it's dark side."
uh huh,
a large amount of buttocks shift.
he's trying some basic scooling on some old school farts
but he's not talking about anything new.

I can't stop giggling
this guy is hilarious.

he's not all bad:
"reporting like consciousness itself
is only possible from a frame of reference.
yogis and roshis themselves say that objective consciousness is silence

jean cuts in - what do you see in five years?
my list of gripes is because each is a potential reason for readers to find other media sources
journalism on the net will return to pre-pulitzerian methods
digicash and subscribing over advertising
many many boutique papers

and he just don't stop.

nevadanet, jamie robbins
jack of many trades
have to be flexible
his life like the internet - all change.

bob cuthorn, starnet
threw out his presention

wrestle back to competition
one of those guys who gives his punchline
and if no one laughs, sez "well" real loud quickly thereafter
newspaper industry spends less on r&d than the dairy industry
things are fun again
this culture can turn on a dime
watch them, they will leave major industrys in just a few years
we are giants in our communities

microsoft, uswest, nbc doesn't have that
only local tv
don't piss it away
don't become an ap wire for microsoft
and afraid of the kids in the garage
we ended child labour in this country!
content is kind is a lie - they want your community marketing
hire the heretics
hire a guy with green hair
he's an isp - selling adsl 24/7 connections
people are going to be connected to their newspaper

going to build houses with connections
microlocal web sites with coupons and bulletin boards
soccer league stuff
specialized localized content up the gazoola
(got a class B)
don't believe agents - people want surprise

this is the guy these guys want to hear
talking texas.

bandwidth matters of course, wiring matters most.
doing it himself not partnership
community bulletin board - watch loudmouths - rather edit subscriber base than content

so listen, I return to the hotel, with jean
we are going to have our fifteen minutes
from the outset looks large - she's talking about the world, like she did today
international influx, they're coming into our country, they're coming online, we whites, maybe we shouldn't breed, we are an outmoded species

bob we are joined by eager bob
bob of the pulitzer side of the arizona daily star
with a lot of confidence and was a young hotshot too
and sees similarly to me, and gets things done
proposed projects both with jean and I in over one and one half our lounging with red wine and personality
I shared my story of living with howard,

I was by jean affirmed for existing in times of strife with the striven
and whether to want him to edit me
before I did so, bob acknowledged reading some ego needs in howard's work
so strange telepathy
all agreed an editor is good, writing outside your craft
but for bob, who is "an anoited heretic" in a large media company,
he is doing work too new to have a boss.

gaggle jean is female, plays in male power circles, indeed presides in male power circles
that ours was such was affirmed or made more aware by the arrival of blonsky late
ears ringing, hard of hearing from the plane
taking us on a long trip to golum his postmodern/structuralist/whatever italian friends were doing some brilliant but troubled work
marshall and he teased that out like so many philosophical musings long and winding
we followed, some, he ended up in places unanticipated and not reciprocal
it was a little strange - I think he was trying to prove a point
I enjoyed his verbiage, and the lessons and stories shared

but the dialog proceeded to break down in a way
there were too many idea people cranked
and jean and I would share intermediate bursts of distraction or explanation
whilst our compadres would barely suspend their tongue on their way to brilliance

we came to a decision on prioritizing international journalism
began to make plans to teach or share or emphasize or immerse that idea
language is a barrier, and I felt barried.

they left jean and I to our converse
turned swiftly to my father and family and course
forgiving my mother with a letter after saturday's revelation
ended on suicide, jean shared some
she percieves my burden at times, trying to prove or atone for that death
justin, think of suicide aside from your father.
he just left. he left.
no fault of yours, he was sick.
he just left - it's a letting go phrase.
she recommended an hour a day, just sit. no activity, stimulae, just sit. let your mind race and eventually it won't (kind of like quaker meeting) and you can talk to your father.
because that's what I can identify conscious today: frustration that I can't talk to him, find out who he was, what he was about, whether he liked me.
that last one, it's inevitable.
I've got a long letting go ahead,
and by the time I'm done,
and I've picked up so many fathers between,
I'm going to be a great god damned father.

if I can finish updating my web site and write a speech and get some sleep. 1.3oam 3.26am

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