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april 4


the reader is herein and hereby noticed of cult activity; that the perusal of these web pages constitutes membership in the cult following of Justin hall

a Capricorn with a dour face, John Seabrook suggested I might get along well with his friend tim moss, an editor at details magazine
I took the introduced october 95 opportunity to present myself as an engaging future feature story. He was notably pretty. Memorable blue eyes I think that seemed to beam incredulity as I waxed for the better part of an hour on my unacknowledged epitomization of a particular moment in the early history of the web. I left banging the elevator doors because I had been absurd.

chact fecking:
would it be fair to say that you've had scores of corporate buyout offers?
offers for columns, sure. Scores? That's like 20. Four score and 20 years ago - Lincoln was talking about 120 years ago. (I said 20, scores mean 25).
I think scores means a few now.
either way it's inaccurate.

Larry calls the people you had dinner with your followers.

that's absurd; they have their own programs running, and they would have eaten there together without me.

temporary girlfriend? That's offensive.

I stewed and spat, I saw

my wish
Stefanie likely didn't tout me as quite the media-fetish-item they had in mind.

huh? Joyce lecture calmed me down: it was just sad that the person I am and the things I do or believe are not themselves perceived engaging.

cult figure?
I despise the caricature,
that makes you, you, a cult follower. Now if that don't make you antsy,

one, 2 three - ready to die for what i think? live? have sex with me? bring me your children?

you know, there's one thing that potentially redeems the piece: they likely direct quoted you, because you're so devastatingly articulate, if there's anything in there you said it could salvage things.


like the great chuck d said,
false media
We don't need it do we?

april 4

drunk yesterday early, nothing done. nice weather, poor im4pulse control.

scanned photos this morn:

(before that, let me just say "amy". thank you.

wilson done me this flyer, for sinners: sinners suit

then he put his face on the scanner:

face scan

i fixed up a real nice pikchure of me da, from his obit:

huge, large, medium, small, tiny

trib pic

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