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april 1

I hope you don't mind, I'm reading Proust, Joyce and Faulkner,
so I'm inclined to mix voice and tense and chronology
also, it serves to obfuscate innocent identity.

proust eyes

only a sucker beefs
never had a bad day in my life.

today I thought of writing, speaking his eulogy
it would service my grief, and I know I could service his memory
how honest can you be at a funeral?

between wandering rocks and antisemitism I had the seat by the door, I watched the rest of the class functions better in a circle, not linear

I have seen evidence of 18th century environmentalists
when did people concerned themselves with abundant population?

little josh told me; he saw it on your web page. i thought that if people looked at it and then they wouldn't come back when there was

call me a netcop.

they were both standing there, stretched i bedside alternating html answers

humans have a history of abandoning places after lifesystemsgrowunsustainabl

but they didn't have technology to help them solve their problemo.
josh knox said that. he belongs to the swarthmore college "environmental club; at least that's what it says on the plak above their bulletin board. i wonder whan that was made. fifties? sixties?
kylian says there was no word for i-self in arabic until the koran came along.
i think he heard that in nietzsche.

i thought about asking her to change clothes - her tits were quite prominent in that shirt.

only a sucker beefs.

never had a bad day in my life.

the devices by which we protect and entreat and ensure our balanced happliness are precis
those things we use to prtect ourselves grew hard and hard to give

i voted no for the paper extension, and suggested we hold extra sessions for the classes we missed

no foolin

i'm not gay. i have work to do.

frogs are the first species to leavedie in a failing ecosystem; no one cares but she and some otherus

so say she's attractive, she had a hard time with that too

you look good. like my sister, hot and cool.
what was that? i asked the chief of police back in the fifties, how he was doing


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