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oct 3: posted my condensed special major proposal

oct 2: Yeah!

my school is cool, and so are my classes
see september 29, thanks to ethan holland

9/29 - And a big 'hello' goes out to the boys and girls in the "Technology Self and Society" class at Swarthmore College. I am on their minds today as they discuss "the juxtaposition of my 'normal' and 'mythical' selves, as they coexist on my page." They're also debating the question of my motivation, as in "did Asia Carrera create this site for publicity and accidentally allow it to become personal, or vice versa?" Pretty cool, huh? Almost makes me feel like I'm someone important! Hehe! I was also told that "quite a few members of the class have expressed disbelief regarding the authorship of the site. Many students feel that a porn star would never talk about Adobe, etc..." Hm, I haven't heard that one in a while. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a total online addict, and my site is a part of me. I love being a webmaster, and I enjoy stomping up and down on the stereotypical 'pornstar bimbo' image. First-time visitors to AsiaChat are always confused when they come in looking for hot sex chat, and we're all in there discussing quantum physics, greek mythology, and my idol, Warren Buffett. And yes, I have frequently been known to discuss HTML and Adobe in chat as well... hehe...
the site is now sitting local on my powerbook hard drive -
i'm clearing out old gunk and restructuring some stuff
i've gone nearly 4 years without cleaning my room

new site soon.
maybe i'll finish my major proposal first.

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