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may 17

swarthmore is winding down; everyone is beautiful, witty, charming, funny, hanging out relentlessly,
  except me.

three papers between me and nirvana.

my grandparents 68th wedding anniversary


just a minute while we get organized here
a great rustling sound follows for longer than ever
gramma, you move over here

gpa's voice is a little weaker, gma talks immediately
that's surprising, but she only has how are you i'm fine to say.

you guys are such an example, i feel like maybe i should get started now being married if i'm going to go for 68.
grampa replies,
the longer you wait to get married
the healthier you'll be
the longer you'll live
just kidding.

you're about to finish college.
so grateful that you decided to come back and get that sheepskin

old students and teachers and principles have been visiting them at the rest home over time, and there's a scholarship fund at basset high donated by anonymous in their honour

i'm thinking about life in the rest home, cooped up? away from most family?
so i ask, do you guys get enough action to keep you excited?
time does not drag on our hands very much
there's a whole mess of activities they have planned for us here in the home
gma does practically all the activities
i'm just trying to get things settled
(from when he moved in about three months ago) and recover from my surgery (weeks ago. hey, he's 90. and a control freak - it's a little daunting to be turning over the reins on life so much. at least he still runs conversation, right? granma contributes little beyond, yep i'm fine, again and again, an occasional good, you're graduating. but her voice is so strong, she sounds so sharp, a nice recovery now that she's in the home together with grampa. i wonder if that's why? they've had separate bedrooms as long as i've known them - odd that the end of life is when they start sharing snoring space again.

i'll try and find someone to marry real soon now, i offer.

here's from surfing: copywrong!, some copyright law additions pending before the Us government that Nolo Press stands against. Do it yourself law, i'm into that idea.
on another topic:
i'm glad that when i surf, advertisers don't know if i'm a man or a woman. they must assume i'm a 35 year old geek dude who makes $40k year. but i recently saw an ad, "would you date a man 15 years younger?" which i believe was intended for woman. it's part of why i look at magazines not targeted at my demographic - for the different ads. but if most of the web was targeted at me, how would i be someone different? i'd have to commit like "wire fraud" or something that there will be a law against, so you have to maintain certifiable identity online. i hope you can choose to take on other traits. but maybe we'll be defined by our choices, our surfing profiles created from our interests and our resulting clicks, and those of course determined by our demographics. hmmm.

today's muzzik:

i've been workin' all the day long, to a little hamza el din, nice oud music, and the police, "message in a box"set, i must say "the other way of stopping" is just a fabulous mood alterating substance.

and john lee hooker's "endless boogie" sounds from wilson's room.

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