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nov 12

I've lost a few days in between here and there

I called my ma today, her browser is too old for minds

I drank so much yesterday, I spent today sort of recovering
I retreated from workish prospects; saw hamza el din
free show at a college,

nice to be on a campus, the show was free, the crowd was diverse

afterwards I approached him;
"is that a digital camera?"

yes, straight from there to the internet.
"do you have a page?"
"what is the address?"
well I didn't want to give it to [aged nubian home style folk singer assuaged with cards and come-ons after the show]
"give it to me please"

so much nicer when they ask.

and I got him to write down his e-mail address too crosscultural signature - jesus his home country doesn't even exist anymore and he's at

(I would download the picture, but I'm composing on sonic's lc II and lynx

I called her from the mission after (sfnet spacebar) scooter reported retreat to the drift in lounge to celebrate allison's two years at hotwired

I'm not going to brave cigarette smoke for that,
so I am a little withdrawn, perhaps wimpy for this community,
not quite mixing it up -

staying in, in fact, to watch homeboys in outer space on upn

can't hang in the mission without seeing these advertisements

who comes up with this stuff? it's funny, sometimes. some guy with kid or play hair acts like eddie murphy twelve years ago
gender humour es tres facile

do black folks think it's funny? is that the target audience? or white folks laughing at black folks acting out outrageous?
I guess demographics are a more precise segment than that. I'm trying to remember who in my high school would have gotten off on that. I don't think I hung out with them.

lighten up homeboy

still like the web somewhat, culture surfing

if that media reflects culture
funny, to media/culture surf with red herring during commercials

I must say, the homeboys don't depress me as much.

herring makes me think about registering patents and finding venture capital and sending out press kits and being hotlisted and premiered and featured

competeing in the global marketplace of ideas

and having correct spelling home chile

but not patrick. I talked to patrick on saturday night, he makes me think about writing science fiction.
and on spacebar, like schizophrenia
three different conversations with three different folks:
ellen is talking to amy for me bout saturday disclosure online
anjuna is at poker night, scooter told her to harass me to come to chateaumaz for the festivities and we've moved on to ecstacy and socializing
roasted is looking for lyrics:
roasted/tension tamer[Private]: have any eloquent thoughts? im trying to
write a song
/, Sending private message back to roasted.
Msg: I put them all on my page, sorry.
roasted/tension tamer[Private]: so i can quote you?

and finally minx appears for a little screenside<tm>
akward to meet someone like this
I mean I've had virtual relations that thrived better without flesh reality
but virtual is a sore sorry substitude for a real time POD.

better than nothing!

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