yes amy and i are happy these days i'd say
tho her impending period does make for high drama

she's job searching. it's frustrating when people don't even aknowledge receipt of a resume, let alone selection of a nother person for the job.

notice to hirers: and self

Please let people know if they're in the hopper.

Please let people know if they don't get the job.

maybe courtesy is a casuality of the electronic age. maybe people are busy, like i am busy. trying to manage the quick replies seems to be the sum of my days.

that's actually my recent revelation:

much of business and success in the world today consists of staying in touch and on top of communication. that means that i have to read tough email and respond to it. it also means responding more than once. if i think about something, and it's been a few days since correspondence, time to rekindle the conversation and write back again.

for example:
cover inside i posted a notice that i'm liking to paint people's pilots. two brave souls offered their devices for embellishing. one fellow didn't write back after i suggested retail price of $50. after a few days i realized he probably didn't write me back because that was more than he could handle. so i wrote him back and i found out he'd just had his car keyed ("Honestly, I have to get out of NY.") so I offered to paint the pilot for free and he agreed so now we're trying to figure out what texture i can paint on to it.

captain's chair? meanwhile I got a nice check from miller-freeman for web99 work. so today i went and bought myself a chair.

actually, i went to kantor's office supply and priced the chair i wanted at $630 for the OBUS Forme tall narrow backed chair. they only had black and burgundy in stock. i wanted abbey fabric: royal blue - 4 weeks delivery.

so i went to "back designs" which wilner and i agreed was probably a store for people with prescriptions (read: markup) and they had the exact same chair for $775, but in stock in blue! they called kantor's and confirmed the price and guaranteed me a lower price, so i got the colour i wanted for the best price in the bay area.

captain's chair? and then i searched the web for the chair, looking for a photo for my site today, and i found the chair list price $469! argh! i could have saved more money! so now i have to deal with returning a chair to a place that sees themselves as having bent over for me and oy. but $200 extra for a chair i can't afford (knowledge is expensive). I should have searched the net first?

tuggy is grumpy brian is closing in on a backend - i'm eager for the day i can log into and be myself surprised. maybe by june?

yesterday: 14 may