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Spacebar is the Cyborganic chat bar, where folks involved in that enterprise/community have been at various times since 1994 hanging out. It was a great place to meet folks to prepare yourself for the fabulous geeklove in store for new San Franciscans.

Especially when I worked at eminds, I went there for lunch dates, dinner dates, technical information, a feeling of friendship from faraway places.

Eventually people moved on to other chat bars - fleeing the newbies or frequent crashes. Why do communities change? The essence of the Spacebar community lives on, in chat bars situated across northern California, where geeks and friends congregate to share their scorn and derision for each other in a mostly lighthearted fashion.

Calebcaleb was an honourable host

he set a punful tone.

but vjim and wayne hang out and gave it an adolescent male flavour
broadcasting profanities and excrement

and I've found denise there as well, socially effusive.

from all corners.

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