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the Knack

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 96 11:37:37 465000
From: root <>
Subject: music

who sings the song 'my shirona'
The band is "The Knack" the song is "My Sharona." They were a one hit wonder band, that was the hit song back in 1979 (?).
Summer of 1989 camping in Yosemite, my friends (including Josh) and I hear singing at the next campfire over. After a while, we grow curious enough to brave approaching. Four or five folks seated around a bonfire singing folk, Dylan mostly. We sit with them, join in a few, listen to more.

Somehow it comes out that they are a band, indeed a band who sang a song I've heard of, "My Sharona." It is the Knack, they have to explain who they are to us 14 year olders. No, they didn't really do any other songs we might have heard, yes they're still making music, they just enjoy it. And we enjoyed them, a nice night listening to harmony at Yosemite.

We couldn't get them to sing their song. They said they were sick of "My Sharona." After re-listening to it, I can see why.

Unless someone's done another tune called "my shirona." I can't imagine.


That versus Which

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 1994 08:49:47 -0700
Personal_Name: Anita Brenner
Dear Justin:
Please explain the difference between "that" and "which".



The hunt for the answer to your question lead me to the Associated Press Sylebook and Libel Manual. It seems that the answer to your question is a manifold thing.

The first part of the answer involves understanding the difference between essential clauses and non-essential clauses (or restrictive, non-restrictive). Essential clauses are just that, parts of a sentence that could not be removed without altering the intent of the author. Non-essential clauses are more incidental to the meaning of the sentence, and thus can be removed with greater ease. Non-essential clauses are often set off by commas.

Example: essential - The hoser who didn't return my AP styleguide is a deadman.
non-essential - The hoser, who didn't return my AP styleguide, is a deadman

So, the deal is this: if the clause, be it essential or non, refers to a person or an animal with a name, then you use a who or whom to introduce it. If the clause deals with an inanimate object or an animal without a name, and it is an essential clause, then use that. If the clause deals with an inanimate object or an animal without a name, and it is an non-essential, then use the pronoun which to introduce it.

Example: essential - The computer that I loved so long just died
non-essential - The computer, which I loved so long, just died

One last note. You can use which in an essential clause if that has already been used in the sentence.

How's that?

So many roads...

Date: Fri, 5 Aug 1994 15:53:46 -0400
From: elvey-matthew@CS.YALE.EDU (Matthew Elvey)

Hi. Cool page. The CIX rumors prompt me to ask....

How can I figure out how a packet gets to me over the Internet?
If I'm ftp'ing or sending mail, or WWW surfing or whatever, I have no idea what machines my packets go thru. (Well, there's a TINY bit of info in the mail headers, but that's it.) How does mail get to/from etc?

Well Matthew,

If your server has it, run traceroute <site>, <site> being the place you would like to trace the packet route to (from your system). For example, traceroute would tell me how my packets are routed from the system I am on to Adam Curry's server.

The only way I know of to tell how packets are coming to you is to log onto the sending computer and run traceroute to your system.

If they ain't got traceroute where you're at, bug the sysadmins, or install it yourself.

Good hunting

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