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I have been a voracious reader. I read a lot of Fantasy and Science Fiction growing up. Then I started playing computer games.

I read a lot in Ireland, and I did a lot of reading about Japan when I lived there.

Attempted reading logs: 2000, 1999.

reviews of late-1990s american book sensations:
into the wild
celestine prophecy

I read a few good books in my shamanism class.

i recommend "understanding comics" by scott mccloud - a comic itself, it takes apart and explores the medium of comics, stopping by visual and textual medias on the way. mccloud is witty and wise, and the book is a fun education in visual communication.

charles mingus, beneath the underdog, a long ago gift from chandra, was the first book i read after graduating college. a lot of education in that book, and easy to read. if only all learning were that fast - like driving on a wide highway with only occasional scares of nearby cars. mostly your thoughts and luckily, some good jaz on the radio. his autobiography.

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