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tiny chenny Pronounced shendra.

Chandra was born on July 4, 1974, at 7.55pm, in Mexico, near San Diego. Her name means crescent moon in hindi. Not that her parents are of indian extraction, they are european, but at the time, they were hippies.

As an experiment, I made a morph of our two faces. Check it out - it turned out pretty weird.

Chandra and I met at Swarthmore sometime during my first semester, freshman year. It was a birthday party for someone I didn't know, an upperclassmen, so I was the odd man out. I remember being glad when we spoke, because not too many other folks were conversant that night. Unfortunately, we never made it past her third question - "When's your birthday?"

I was later to discover that I had been assimilated into her astrological consciousness - she had pegged me Sagittarius.

morphin' Long about April, the next semester, I notice her around my neck of the woods a lot more often. Some friends of hers lived across the hall, so...

...we ended up hanging out together quite a bit.

In those days,

As the relationship matured, things soured.

August was worse trepidation...

I stayed in San Francisco alone...

And then somehow repair, she returned in December.

We've since broken up. We are still friends, every once in a while - it/she is very intense.

In a year of going out, I wrote over 75 poems about her. She didn't care to read them, just as she has turned down my offers to show her this web page. On one occasion a few months later, I did describe these contents, step by step in detail to her, and she granted me leave to post this.

There was one piece I wrote that she dug alright, a sort of fairy tale:

Marked by the Moon, Strengthened by Saturn.

Some of my most potent writing is about her.

that morphing gif trick above, if it turned out, was done with gif builder.

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