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Reviews of their albums

Porno for Pyros Article

To understand their majesty and depth, listen to the controlled fury of Ted, just admit it - a brilliant tour de force that captures the pain of sex and violence in this modern world maddened by mass media.

Jane's broke up in 1991, after the first Lollapalooza tour. The members split off to persue projects.
Most prominent of these has been Porno for Pyros. Perry Farrell, the lyricist, and Stephen Perkins, the drummer, preserved the tight funk and the fresh spirit of Jane's, while freeing themselves of some of the constraining tension that seems to have been developing towards the end.

Janes Addiction are:

Eric Avery / Flea; bass
Steve Perkins; drums, percussion
David Navarro; guitar
Perry Farrell; vocals

Porno for Pyros are:

Martyn Le Noble; was bass
Mike Watt; bass
Steve Perkins; drums, percussion
Peter DiStefano; guitar
Perry Farrell; vocals

i n t e r views:

mostly under each folk...

Jane's were interviewed at U.S.C. in January 1987 by Al and Lawrence Livermore shortly after a rowdy gig at USC with Bulimia Banquet and Janes Addiction. This interview was taken from the spring 1987 edition of Flipside zine #52


first album was just jane's addiction, their second album was Nothing's Shocking, third Ritual de lo Habitual.
This discography has song lists from their albums and many of their taped concerts. Unfortunately, it is two years old - so much of the new stuff is not covered.

A discography of Porno for Pyros is up at this Woodstock '94 site

random resources:

jane's xine

Phil Hayes is publishing an excellent fan ezine about Jane's and the incarnations beyond. I HTMLed the first three issues, with further issues available elsewhere.
  1. Jane's xine Vol 1 Issue 1. Includes: tips for buying bootlegs, bootleg reviews, current status of each of the members (as of ???).
  2. Jane's xine Vol 1 Issue 2. Includes: story of the bands origin, opinion piece on Perry's sucking, and a bootleg review.
  3. Jane's xine Vol 1 Issue 3. Includes: some obtuse opinion piece on why Porno sucks (mentions Nine Inch Nails more than anything else), a bootleg review, a review of The Gift (Perry's flick), and the start of the exclusive ongoing interview with Eric Avery.
I found a piece of fiction, called Ocean Size, in which Jane's Addiction figures promintently. Check out this line: "That's the real reason why no-one digs Jane's anymore - it was the fuck sound track for an entire generation who have since broken up."

The Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros mailing list Frequently Asked Questions is online

In case you ever doubted Perry as a poet, read Letters to Xiola. It's old.

Review of a Jane's show from March 1989 from MIT, and another with photographs.

The Jane's Addiction FTP site has album covers, old interviews, lyrics, guitar cords and tabs, and daily updated digests of the discussion from the Jane's Addiction mailing list, where discussion of this band and its offshots continues to this day.

and then there's fishboy, Porno for Pyros (.wav samples!) and flood with nice design, and matt's a fan.

I have digitized a list of my Jane's Addiction bootlegs. This is more of a holdover from my early HTMLing days - I don't carry all these around with me in my travels.

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