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updated   Oct.97.EDT
Technologee Writings
[Section title] Technologee Writings
6:15 pm no longer simply evangelizing, Hall re-presents here his years of technology scrying, scrawling and scrambling.
[Section title] An Unprecedented Opportunity for Personal Publishing
6:15 pm
Some Other Stories
[Section title] "Meaning Context and Media" announced as Special Major
Tuesday  So far both the English and Religion departments have approved the selection of "Meaning Context and Media" as Hall's course of study. Now, only History remains.
[Section title] Safe, and Wizened, Return from Honduras
August  Hall returns with a batch of stories, says, "more to come."
[Section title] Girlfriend Still Very Much Loved
6:15 pm Despite a world of blazing beauties, "Amy is the best for me" reports Hall.
[Section title] Manifold Manifest Manuscript Remains Unfinished
3:15 pm Moratorium on taxes would hurt economies, violate state sovereignty, they say.
[Section title] Drugs Declared a Mixed Bag
4:20 pm After years of experimenting, the data are in: Hall proclaims drugs a mixed bag.
[Section title] For Justin, Internet, Rheingold a Good Teacher
7.7.47  Father of the Virtual Community movement, Howard Rheingold didn't officially authorize this extensive profile with photographs; rather, he let the author move in, and look out web!
[]Alternative Journalism
[Section title] Computers Inspire Media Responsibility
1995  The web offers anyone with access the power to make massive media.
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[Section title] Shayna Talks to a Laptop Under the Table
1996  The purported life of a Lawrence Kansas stripper appears astonishingly human.
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1988 i gave him heck. sorry; happy birthday george.

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