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honduras is a country of about 5 million people, between guatemala and nicaragua, in central america.

there's no real civil unrest - there is a semi-impotent democracy. 37 bank robberies between january and july 1997 in a cohntry of about 5 million people.

much of the land is owned by cattle barons and (standard) fruit companies (read: dole brand) - most of the people here are latino "campesinos," peasant level farmers on the land remaining.

honduran minimum wage is below 100 dollars a year;
in part cuz the dollar's so strong, and because the lempira is so weak.

so it's the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, next to haiti.
but the people are nice.
and there's lots of good fruit.

i was in honduras, the summer of 1997.

i came to learn spanish;
i spent two weeks in the third largest city, la ceiba, where they've had electricity all day and all night for two years now; already there's three internet companies.
the raw diesel spewing buses and glue-sniffers kinda killed my buzz -

ecotouristoso, I left by diesel freighter for La Mosquitia, the largest and most remote aggregate of intact natural vegetation left in central america. I spent five weeks surveying projects of a indigenous development organization, mopawi. they paid my transportation costs, and i had a contact, and maybe an office-shack floor to sleep on in more than 14 pueblos across the mosquito coast.

in return i wrote for them 9 articles.

now, with my spanish, i can better talk to a cacao farmer, or an agroforester than i can to the average honduran teenager. and i learned some miskito too - they're the people, the natives of that land.

like most foreigners who travel to honduras, i did some scuba diving in the bay islands: utila.

in la mosquitia:

puerto lempira
on the rio patuca:
brus laguna
on the rio platano:
las marias


Banco Comunal
Educacion Bilingual
Proyecto Comunal Forestal
Fincas de Cacao
Proyecto de Iguana Verde
Finca de Mariposas
Conservacion de las Tortugas Marinas

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