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parents should decide with kids

not government protecting us like kids

Under the Communications Decency Act,
I could be thrown in jail -

Behind Bars!
for dispensing explicit sexual advice
for talking frankly about my sexually transmitted disease
for nekkid pikchures of myself

If I wanted to, I could probably move these services to the Netherlands and not worry about being arrested for writing the wrong thing.

Funny thing is, I believe in what I'm doing. I believe in frank and healthy dialogue about sexuality - for kids and adults alike.

I firmly support family values social legislation:

let families take responsibility for their values.

If that means having, or talking about abortion, or explicit sex, so be it. Who are we to judge?

So kids can find weird stuff on the net. They can find weird stuff in real life that can hurt them in far realer ways.

Parents should raise kids that feel comfortable approaching them to talk about weird stuff they find online. Parents should raise kids who know bad weird stuff when they see it.

If they don't, that's a deeper problem than legislation can solve.

This kind of law begs arbitrary enforcement. They can't arrest everyone, so they'll arrest those whom they don't like, saying things they don't want to hear.

If the they is god-fearin' folks in Tenessee, applying their moral standards on me,

There's kids growing up now in New York and Los Angeles that * need access * to explicit information about safe sex practices. This is info they may not get from their parents.

Please don't cripple this great teaching tool.

Put out your positive information, have faith that the right message will reach the right people.

You can't do anything to change the wrong people, you can only piss them off. If they want to do wrong on the web, they will hack systems, or take their work overseas.

Be patient, and be compassionate.

Trust your fellow humans, for chrissakes, and trust your kids.

If you don't trust me, listen to Jon Carroll.
I was able to deliver this at a CDA Rally.

For information on the bill, check these resources.

Thanks to David Siegel for the Lenny gif

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