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painted palmpilot
I painted my Palm III

i bought a USRobotics Pilot 5000 in january 1997. it cost me like $300 with some software - worth it to me cuz i use it about 4 times a day

for phone numbers - i can turn any payphone into an office
for appointments - i'm never without my schedule (as long my pilot works)
lists of movies, music, media to check out - people recommend me stuff all the time, and i can keep track so i'm not so lost in a video store, or a record store

i posted up online a doc version of the tao te ching - mostly to counterbalance all the jules verne bible verses and zip codes being provided for the pilot. and also because it is a supremely portable text - you can drop in at any point, and make signifigant progress, or just linger over a meaningful entry or two.

in october 1997, i bought metrowork's codewarrior pilot development kit. i hoped to use it to build my three dream pilot apps:

i ching thrower
astrology chart maker
the ultimate: a low-bandwidth graphical 3d maze based RPG, a la Wizardry I.

but then some one went ahead and put them out - each one for money.

i still wish my pilot w/could dial phone number tones

a painted palmpilot in march '98 i bought a palmIII, now from 3Com. i told myself it was for the backlighting. i kept the old one as a reserve in case the palmIII broke (it happened).

it's nice and faster and stuff, and sleeker - but ultimately ugly. i painted mine blue and the flip-cover silver with a symbol for harvest and brotherhood.

what's on my pilot, 5/99:

abacus, birthdate, convert-it, DragonBane, drinks!, HandyShopper, Kyle's Quest, ImageViewer, mcchord, moon, moonphase, planetarium, Yoda

summer of 99 I wrote an article about funky palmpilot software.

Once I got a cellphone, I used the cellphone to store my phone numbers and I kept my appointments on a web-accessible calendar. So I didn't have much reason to further load down my pockets with technology - I've stopped carrying a PalmPilot as of August 1999.

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