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fall 1998

just in case

an urban cyberpunk RPG for the pilot

You're a punk kid, Case. You just moved to this new town, Frisni, and you're just meat. You thought you'd start over. Boy will you.

Out on the streets, gangs and thugs are only more sane and earthy than the wo/men upstairs doing similar violence.

There's drugs that boost your performance and leave you low. You remember those.

And inside the buildings you can begin to see how big the world is when you plug in the one toy you brought with you - a vintage "laptop."

You'll need to figure out where you stand and who you can trust because there's a lot to discover before those folks you left behind come knocking for your birthright.

of course there's combat -

You live in a city filled with associates of urban decay, street uglies, but as you come to vanquish them with ease you find that the real enemies grow increasingly official until you come to lead the street uglies whuppin' the tail of the man.

here's a list of details.

and there's also communication -

Along the way you interacts with all sorts of odd post-millenial holy wo/men. Some of their heretical rantings are true, some are just a prelude to begging or combat.

You'll need information tools - find software shops and chip merchants to expand your capacity for language and understanding, not to mention potential for illicit access to the top secret shit that runs the whole game.

technique: tech 9:

maybe developed with the dragon bane engine?
with principles
I'd develop it for the PC, if that came up.

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