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J's LfromU Justin's Links from the Underground is a web site maintained by Justin Hall. Unless otherwise noted, you should hold him responsible for creating the contents.
Since he started working on it in January 1994, when he was a freshman at Swarthmore college, it's gotta lotta stuff in it.

Dig the specifics.

link lists Back then he was surfing the net a lot, and kept a window open to transcribe worthwhile links. As a result, he has a few lists of links by subject.

The most popular subject is sex, but you can find art, writing, science, eating disorders, african american religions and tai chi, amongst other stuff too.

publish yo'self Justin believes that the more sites there are the better. Everyone should tell their own story. He has set up some pages to encourage publishing, explaining web programming in easy to grasp language, and helping folks explore the possibilities.

If you are in web programming trouble, experiencing relationship turbulence, seeking some guidance, Justin might offer some advice, or will at least burden you with additional questions.

life To answer some of those questions, and ask a few more, Justin has been weaving a webbed autobiography. There, you might find a good chunk of Justin's poetry and some of his favourite folks and stories.

Either way, this site is about learning stuff and sharing stuff. You'll pay nothing but time to find anything herein.

share the load If you feel so moved, he would appreciate support to keep this running. He's idealistic about the net, but he has to be realistic about paying for his time online.

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