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Justin Hall: Media Research and Development

The search for intimacy and stimulation in technology.

I write and speak on years of personal experience with human striving, digital culture and electronic entertainment; exploration online and around the world.

If you look at this list of activities and you think we could make something great, let's talk!

I've produced a film about this web site available at
I produce a Justin Hall Show and post videos to Justin's Links on YouTube. You can support these efforts through Patreon.
An eBook version of a story of working as an internet gaming startup CEO: A Story of GameLayers, available on Amazon's Kindle. Also available free on the web.
I write for other folks some times; publications include:
New York Times, Rolling Stone, Wired, Salon, Yahoo Internet Life, Feed, TechTV,
I like talking to crowds; venues include:
XOXO, E3 Expo, Lollapalooza, Sundance Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, ReBoot, South by SouthWest, Scandinavian Interactive Media Event, Xerox PARC, Rand Corporation
online publishing
Web site architecture, setup and editorial. Clients include:
Chanpon, Joichi Ito, Don Pearman

Also: Disk Jockeyin', Machine Painting


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