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Recent articles:

24 May 2005 - RES Magazine - Please Make Games
An essay evangelizing independent, personal video game production for the May/June 2005 issue.

24 May 2005 - TheFeature - E3: Mobile Game Hardware Merging
What is a mobile gaming handset? What is a mobile entertainment device? Fortunately those distinctions are being blurred, and playful mobile social networks might be the result.

31 March 2005 - TheFeature - Towards a Methodology of Mobile Game Design
Announcing an independent mobile gaming special interest group: the spirit of knowledge sharing and cooperation for mobile play developers.

18 March 2005 - TheFeature - GDC Mobile 2005: Maturation before Innovation
Mobile games had a stronger presence than ever at the Game Developer's Conference, but hopefully, innovation will continue in spite of this legitimacy.

23 November 2004 - Gamasutra - The State Of Church: Doug Church on the Death of PC Gaming and the Future of Defining Gameplay
Justin Hall talks to former Ultima Underworld co-creator and System Shock and Thief contributor, Doug Church, discussing exactly where the PC gaming market is heading, as well as the precise difference between entertainment and play in this console-heavy era. [Registration Required]

28 September 2004 - TheFeature - Playing with Mobile Media
Report from the 2004 Tokyo Game Show: Not only are digital cameras appearing in phones, they’re now appearing in mobile games as well.

Justin Hall is a widely published freelance writer examining the social impact of media technologies. Hall's comissioned articles have appeared in newspapers including the New York Times and the South China Morning Post, magazines including Rolling Stone, Wired and JapanInc, and web sites including Salon, Feed, The Feature and the Online Journalism Review.

Hall is a former member of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, and a non-resident fellow at Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society.

a few past articles:

10 April 2003 - Online Journalism Review - Ethics in Video Game Journalism
Examining the ethics involved when video game enthusiasts write about video games.
Includes an accompanying sidebar survey of online game journalism.

April 2003 - Wired Magazine - The Fantasy Life of Coder Boys
Coverage of independent game development, including profiles of three game developers, Thatcher Ulrich, Brian Sharp and Chris Hecker, talking about games they would make if they had their druthers.

4 January 2003 - The New York Times - Today's Visions of the Science of Tomorrow
There's plenty of money for military industrial training video games; how about a funded game to teach citizenship skills? A NYTimes Op-Ed piece, under the heading "Professor PlayStation" - exerpted from a longer essay.

21 November 2002 - TheFeature - From Weblog to Moblog
What happens when weblogs go mobile? Searching reality for friends and information.

18 May 2001 - Salon - Battle of the gaming giants
"At opening day of the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft eye each other warily." Meditations on the body language of the senior VPs of the three largest game hardware makers.
(Salon won this article in an EBay auction).

19 August 1999 - Rolling Stone Magazine - Where The Geeks Are
Profile of the two core young men responsible for Slashdot, a major technology community site, grown grassroots style. An exploration of the best geek news site on the eve of their purchase by

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Since January 1994, Hall's web site Justin's Links has hosted a broad range of personal writings, and it has occasionally been cited by other writers. Hall is also a professional speaker with great enthusiasm for sharing the results of his studies. View his resume.

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