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b r e a k t h r o u g h

bert lined up this gig for me to help the breakthrough club put up some web pages.

breakhrough front end the breakthrough club is in downtown wichita kansas. best I got it, it is a place for folks who have, or have had a hard time adjusting to life/society/work, for whatever reasons - medical, familial trauma, drug addiction, mental illness

they come there to hang out, have a meal, get some councelling, job training.

the focus is on the clubhouse aspect - informal, staffed largely by members; there's other similar clubhouses around the country.

jim whatever I thought would be there computer skill level, I was astonished to discover that jim and denis and some other folks had wired up a few 2 and 386s with a local linux network, connected via 28.8 ppp to feist had donated them an internet account

but they ain't made no web pages yet.

immediate saturation is initial put off always
right, I mean is a mentally ill clubhouse supposed to give a good first impression?
but why not filtered through the people at first surprisingly unremarkably easy to get along with and communicate and teach
and then some really stand out as likeable teachers in their own right

what's the difference between them and swatties?
twenty years, some hard luck, thorazine

the place is well staffed with rebuilt computers
members get two to fix for a company, keep one

jim a computer expert is working on getting his masters in computer science, focus on data compression
he seems to be the main network dude

room view

anyways, it's enough to go on, we're rolling
commence a three way web working on local network
see, linux is the perfect choice for those systems, cuz you can't network with or run Mac OS or Windows anything or a 2 or even a 386.

so three or so folks sharing a ppp connection this way
and I dial in my computer for more

fedia frenzy rob's in the background explaining my stuff
dave from the wichita eagle is taking pictures
rasheeda is taking notes
stef watches largely silent
eric is videotaping

Denis denis is making a web page
leading the charge
he's like a computer dude, like in a shirt and tie and oversized coat
he builds doom wads
he knows pico, so I have him lay down a front page

he uses the word fun, and understood
people complain he's hogging the computer - too many other folks want to get on

I'm doing the hands on html hacking
rob takes the file structure determination project on
community networking priority - what subdirectories
to avoid file pileup, to organize information

lunch lunchtime, I mistakenly ordered the fish
carr said it would be good!
it was definitely breaded and fried, a little too wet for me.

eating with jim and rasheeda and
cleta cleta - like the hairclub president
is a member of the breakthrough club
in addition to handling some funding
a doctor recommended her here after an injury,
ended up bringing by a resume to print out, they hired her for finance

duane duane parks himself next to me
radio operating type works with signals and transmissions
slightly nervous tremor to him at all times
wide eyed, he picks up the computer stuff easy
had a commodore bbs for a while

carr carr was quite a willing pupil, picked it up fast, helped other folks

she was commended for her teaching skills
she wants to get into computers
she webbed up the words of abel
a man with a lot to say, and not so much computer saavy
nice - skill sharing.

teaching time through the afternoon
I'm flagging, drink a coke for energy, turns my stomach
jim graciously convinces me to trade in duo for a pc laptop with linux installed
cuz I write all my web pages in emacs anyways, and I would run xwindows, and I could rdist my web pages over when they are done and I could learn more unix and maybe not crash so much

but how would I edit images? PPC emulation?

pricilla priscilla so sober
swears we've known each other before
several times throughout the day
who knows?
her web page resembles most a resume, or cv perhaps

sandy sandy worked on her politics

cleota cleota is lingering late
wearing a lord is my shepherd t-shirt
she's not computer literate, not literate much at all
but she certainly has a lot to say

so I type it up for her own web page.

crushed through this develops happy fond feelings, like a crush, between a seventy some sometimes trucker in second grade and a just past twenty topknotted web publishing maven.

pam the designer read my life pages

katie katie who seemed to be in charge of stuff stayed late to josh everyone and argue with cleta about federal funding page language
she also revised denis's original front page copy, and created a page for the speakers bureau

jimsue after she makes her own web page,
sue, jim's wife, won't have her picture taken without him.

what a cute couple!

many unmentioned members made pages, and a few of the other divisions.

a breakthru exactly

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