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September 2014

i like to share good music

macworld '97 webstar party
Macworld 1997 party

I have a big library of MP3s, cds and even some vinyl, and tapes - i can play most all genres of music, and i love to mix. the music i play is weirdo gems interspersed with deeply funky favourites and spiritual salutations.

live time :
  • Camp Baxter, forest near Kingsburg California, July 2014 (see brief promo video)
  • reboot internet conference party, denmark, may 1998
  • webstar inc, macworld '97 party at cyborganic, january 1997
  • electric minds thursday night dinner, fall 1996
  • pub nite, swarthmore college, spring 95

  • radio :
  • four semesters of the electric eclectic, total media/music mixup, WSRN, swarthmore college radio.

  • two semesters of "ain't no bebop rehash" - jazz programming, WSRN, swarthmore college radio.

  • flexible rates! long term financing available! no money down!
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