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yee hair!

the electric eclectic

W S R N 9 1 . 5fm - S W A R T H M O R E

classical jazz soul funk punk rock rap
rhythm and blues

woven together,

one to four threads at a time.

(more than one song at once)

plus preachin'

dense media.

"A conceptual breakthrough" - Yonathan Dessalegn

"It's very hard to listen to, if you love music" - Mom

sample sets: 3/18/95, 9/20/97
11/15/97 - moodish songs
11/22/97 - joined by amy and ethan holland
2/8/98 - gospel special
4/5/98 - electronica
4/12/98 - easter wilsonica

1995: my first live-time gig, at swarthmore: pub nite didn't turn out so great. i djed a macworld '97 party for webstar at cyborganic and got better results. they paid me! i also djed for electric minds in the fall of 1996.

i am available to dj outside of swat...

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