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Most pages are pages in progress. This is especially - I haven't yet finished typing all this stuff in yet.
Charts of Military Industrial might in the hall.

Podium touch screen for shades, lights, video screen hydraulics.


"the Hub" AOL & New Line
MTV for the web with ads
after her own overwork Blender cdzine
Atlantic Records fanzine "Spew"
saturn shaped earrings.
I've definitely had to sell my soul.
Albums with interactive liner notes
dreads, he knows steuer
user focus cuz they can't afford an edit staff
Trib guy
staid, pautious
already taken aback
but warms
South Bend
young friendly
with it?
Hearst guy
looked worried,
covering bases
cracked his plastic cup in conversation
Gannett has funky glasses

Christian Science meandered


short chipper
confront over wired
he sez great investment
I say wait till its on the market
he sez its as big as a phone book
I say half is ads

picking at the plants,

one foot up on the concrete as I imagine Napoleon
"Louis really cares.
He's a visionary, not a businessman."
Rand Prez Jim Thompson
quotes Divito from Twins

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