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29 april, 1996
5.30 am wakeup in a $315 dollar room.
50+ folks at 7am start
respeak for ndn

afterwards, doug the documentary filmmaker

asks if he can talk to chandra

the train to my shamnism final

rambling poetical short essay answers


since saturday jeff has reported my URL

to Jen of Seventeen magazine calls
do I mind if my url is printed for 2 million 15 year old girls?

return to run into chandra
we're almost never to be on campus togain

she leaves a mind virus - pensive
observing my fashion and hair

- you're taking off Justin
upward off ground tragectory

I can't explain myself
sometimes it's about distance myself from folks

creating my space
someimes it's about conversation start
sometimes to push buttons

and her trademark justin-response

- lays her hand on my chest
why do you want to leave the ground justin?
at once concerned and cynical mystical
why do you need tha attention?
dragging myself around
swarthmore panels on future interdisciplinarity

we have other,
is there such words as

carew's dad presents the holocaust
he's immersed himself, five six days a week eight ten hours a day watching videotaped testimonies of suffering and memory

he's so strangely objective - like these people have a right to their memory
he will mostly only quote them

his presentation is all quotes
takes few positions

he's studying memory repression how people assimiliate the experience and recollect such a time in their lives

ostensibly sheds memory behaviour insight
seems to me he's trying to carry a supernatural load

I leave to sleep in the hall outside the lecture
jean really wore me out.


I set the notes down the day/day after, and fleshed this out on may 9.

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