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Reboot is Denmark's most notable internet conference. The speakers target fledgling businesses and keep an eye on culture and content.

It is coordinated by Radiator, a group of unassuming, friendly, competant young internet designers and producers. One thing I've observed, their company name is hard to see during the conference itself.

I was fortunate to attend in 1998 and 1999.

It is a strange event at which to speak, in large part due to the venue: Base Camp is a large former navy warehouse converted to civilian event/party hosting. There are enormous winches hanging from the ceiling, skylights, and a bar immediately in front of the stage. Accordingly, you speak to the bottles, while 1000 people sit at long tables on either side.

It's informal, which is comforting in a sense - you'll feel more at home and welcomed by the people and the space than at many other conferences. But you'll have to talk over clinking silverware and food being served, there's constant smoking, and drinking, and you'll hear noise from the fringes, more if you're not interesting.

carl and justin 1998 fire escape The first year I hung out with Carl mostly. The next year I Jonathan. I love travelling with people; but it's strange to travel to a foreign country to enjoy a friend who lives nearby.

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