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rules Capricorn
exaltation Aquarius
detriment Cancer
fall Aries
symbol sickle of Chronos
represents urge for security and safety
keyword the teacher
cycle 28 years
saturn is the father principle
like chronos, that old greek dude, father of Jupiter.

so it weighs in, responsibility, discipline, limitations -

all things that can be sort of a bummer, unless they are understood and worked with. if you learn from saturn, he'll make you powerful. either way, he's kinda a bitch.

saturn moves on a 28 year cycle, so every seven years he stands in an intense relation to his original position at the time of your birth (square to it, opposite it - geometry, man). on your 28th year is supposed to be some relief from all o' that.

aturn has been called the greater malefic cuz it was thought to be such a bummer. but without an understanding of responsibility and groundedness, we wander aimless.

Information on the planet Saturn is up at this kick ass complete web site.

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