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the ram

March 21 to April 19

quality cardinal
symbol ram's horns
element fire
principle active
natural sign of first house
ruler Mars
opposite sign Libra
anatomy head, face, brain, upper teeth
colours red, scarlet, cerise, magenta, claret, blue, yellow, white, pink
metal iron
flowers red roses, gladioli, amryllis, daisy, anemone, buttercup, thistle
stones amethyst, diamond, bloodstone, sardius, flint, jasper, ruby, garnet, agate
incense pine, cypress
musical note C
numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9
tarot cards the emporer, the chariot, the tower
key phrase I am
keyword activity

Stubborn! Headbutt! like a ram. Strong.

They like to be first. They are the pushy types, they make things happen - often a leader. They are the base of the flame, they burn the brightest, generating the most heat, and taking up the most of the oxygen.

They might like people who can keep up, or fight back.

my favourite is talking to aries who say, i'm really not an aries, you know? and i laugh because of course to think you know better than everything is arian. or at least its astrologically convenient to think so.

Positive Characteristics

pioneering, executive, competitive, impulsive, eager, courageous, independent, dynamic, lives in present, quick

Negative Characteristics

domineering, quick-tempered, violent, intolerant, hasty, arrogant, brusque, lacking follow-through

Aries Folk

ma sonic perry rebecca

Famous Aries

Singer Perry Farrell, President Thomas Jefferson, sportscaster Howard Cosell, singer Diana Ross, actor Warren Beatty

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