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july 27, 1996

spirit: K A L I
the blood sucking death goddess of hindu mythology -

durga gif stolen from I don't remember where, but they're linked below.

fine, so,

she is worshipped, often devotees cut their toungues to mimic her form, often dark skinned with a bleeding toungue, mouth orifice,

but she has many forms, old, young, ugly entrancing

suffice to say, in my limited study, I have seen her represent change, moreover chaos. that things will be consumed and destroyed before creation

that those drives like strippers and strip clubs, like drugs, take you to a death place that is more gutteral, visceral with profound potential for mercilessness, or clarity, perhaps.

inevitable! she is! change and destruction and death like sex and power and transformation violent

ted, just admit it.

I think of her when I being drawn into bizarre situations beyond my reasoning or prior commitments or understanding of self or the world. sex is like that.

check out yoni-site, a good concept pretty well executed - good kaliview.
at least right up my alley in this case, searching for female dark goddesses
a more universal concept than just our dark skinned blood toungued indian friend

tantrik kali texts - loads of links, and a temple gamething.

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