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august 12, 1996


her cheek brushed his and there passed between an undeniable warmpth
he clasped her neck in his left hand as her voice tickled his ear
I want to feel you inside of me

another time

she'd been drinking too much champagne
those bubbles always got to her so quicker
boy I'm pretty drunk, she said
better get you out of those wet things then
sarah replied, reaching for the top button

he never wrote down
lines of soap mingled with the collective pubes
between the yellow tiles, he cradled his balls
tony's eyes made contact, the shower curtain was open just enough

so one night, before he began to masturbate over family members, young children, the elderly, covet another's spouse

he wondered how to sustain that moment before the goo
when everything waits - the hard on is on come

but no one's reaching for kleenex.

jesus is gone by then,
no hands on my head
but kali
I can feel her lips on my cock.

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