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Recipe Resources

Badass vegans: more than 900 all vegetarian recipes are online at Veggies Unite! Search through their index, or typical meal course listings. Food is separated into Vegan, for the straight up Veggie shit, and Lacto, for the daily permissives. Makes me happy to know that I can be an enlightened chef without having to buy a bunch of cookbooks.
This site also has a list of food and drink recipe sites, a pulling together of all the recipe-related resources online.

I used this site when I cooked six stews for Cyborganic.
I've always wanted to roll my own sushi. This page contains directions and diagrams, shopping lists, and ideas. Straight speaking, makes it sound easy. Right on!

From Kathleen: and

Serving the scrumptious and Slovenian: an entire page devoted to recipes for traditional food in Slovenia. While there's no explanations or translations on the top level, there are pictures of the dishes.

There's a page of Random Recipes from Eri Izawa and Michael J. Bauer. Check out their "Tea o' Death" sounds good for what I've got.

Get sum culchuh, cook some Medieval/Renaissance food. Be authentic - no silverware, use your dog as a napkin!

Insect Recipes; if we kill all the four legged creatures, we may have to expand our horizons...

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