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power secretary

by dragon systems

costs $2000. i beta tested it on the duo 2300, they gave me a 4 digit discount, and then they lowered the prices..

its the primary viable voice equipment for mac, and its still prohibitively priced at $700 (may 97).

i was surprised at how fast it trained. needs some tightening up still, i hope the money is there for more development.

now i got to worry about my voice wearing out. and i need a faster computer. sigh.

here's a screenshot, you can observe the program's window over my word perfected paper on backpacks,
i've just said "leather," and since it thought i said "mother," i said "correct word," and the correct word window pops up as the topmost onscreen, giving me a list of words it thinks i might have said.

mother leather

see it full size 277k, or somewhat smaller 102k

i tried laughing, and found unintended poetry in the product.

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