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I began cataloging my body and maladies online when I was about 19 or 20.

hands hurtOver the years hurting things happened to my belly, my genitals, skin on my fore head above my eye: manifesting a contagious skin disease that could reappear anytime cause it's living in my nerves. I performed solitary pharmaceutical experiments with sensuality enhancing drugs. I was bitten by a dog. I wore out my wrists computing too much on a Greyhound bus trip across the southern United States to share a love of the web, and the people that could be in it.

I have been fortunate to receive solace, advice, references, friends, interconnectedness from visitors here - people like you who helped me feel less alone in my suffering.

My physical challenges have been relatively minor for which I'm grateful. I have had access to quality Western medicine. Many of my maladies have been akin to a hangover: the results of my own imbalances. The longer I live, the more chances I have to hurt myself when I'm not paying attention.

At Swarthmore during the first Clinton Administration, I caught a sexually transmitted disease.

i think i got it because i was fooling around with drugz and sex.

so i've tried to moderate. Even when my appendix burst, I debated painkillers. I also have a hard time with caffeine.

But I know water is a good thing. i love aikido - it feels like dancing with someone to help calm agression. Aikido is more high contact than tai chi. both were probably good for my repetitive stress injury. Also, you should know, I eat food. And I wear glasses, because my eyes.

bumps on me headI've tried to use my body in a positive modeling role. But my 2002 incidence of catdick was not so exemplary. Fortunately I survived that, and Fall 2003 shingles!

In February 2012, I tripped climbing out of my girlfriend's bed at 4 AM. The impact separated three ligaments in my left shoulder, and I spent the next months adapting.

At Burning Man 2013, I strained my back lifting some water. I made a video about my back pain. And I made a video about being pee shy in December 2015!

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