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Caleb was the unsung literary genius of Cyborganic. I say unsung because he hasn't put up a web page to share his weirdness with the world. He did write up some big plans for the cafe though.

He was a

One of the early associates of HotWired, Caleb was a HotJester. Juggling balls, toys, parrots were always on hand. Otherwise, he would deftly dazzle you with a bit of his playful intellect. He was charmingly haughty. Perhaps it's that all copy editors are pedantic, but he performed his pedantry with a flourish.

Caleb did an admirable tour of duty in internet content startups, HotWired, CNet, eventually ending up at with some good timing.

He always chatted, you might still find him on SpaceBar.

Jeff Veen took a mid-thought photo of Caleb.

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