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who I collided with Cyborganic in June 1994, when a 19 year old just college freshman went west to seek his fame and fortune in the world of Wired. Neither the philosophy nor the position of the digital elite stuck, but fortunately he crashed on his bosses floor, immediately enamoured of the wildest water closet that side of the Mississippi.

When I came to San Francisco to work for Wired, I ended up staying at my boss, Jonathan Steuer's place on Ramona Avenue in the Mission District.

I knew I was in for something special when Jonathan showed me the Internet server in his foyer.

Viola - I was a member of the Cyborganic Community, a group of young, wise, bright, energetic, computer-saavy folk.

San Francisco is easily one of the world's primary physical manifestations of Internet agitation. These folks epitomize the funky demographic - they've been around, working as interns at new technology start ups, working for Wired, pursuing their own projects online.

Most of them are between 25 and 32 - older than me. Sometimes I get a little impatient - they've already had their crazy days, partying during the week, mad excess. Now it's a pain to get them to leave the house. They'd rather watch movies.

All my friends are 30!

How come so many of them hail from Wisconsin?
Being at Swarthmore, I do miss those Thursday Night Dinners.


Community pages, all the folks that call Cyborganic home.
(some people I've not yet included)

Steve Steve Bahcall
Cyborganic old-timer and full on zen sconnie.
Jenny Cool
Went to college Steuer, the two of them have worked out a partnership. She's got a bit of the Irish in her, red hair, eye twinkle, tell you a yarn that never stops, just gets more and more dramatic.
Caleb Caleb Donaldson
He was a HotWorker, who should soon start putting his masterful tounge and pen within Cyborganic reach. He already is the playful punful host of SpaceBar.
Unca Jonnie Jon Drukman
Serious lighthearted dude. Musician, sequencing that funky techno.
Sonic Sonic
Ovid Ovid Jacob
Ovid is prepared to engage major levels of abstraction.
June and July 95, I lived in his apartment on Fell, and drove his Ford Pinto.
Howard Howard Rheingold
Spiritually aligned with Cyborganic, but too old to be in on most of the fun. He lives in Marin, he's a family man.
Lisa Lisa Seaman
Some of these logos you see are hers.
Steuer Jonathan Steuer
A good young soul who took me in, helped me get various jobs, hooked me up with his scene. Another lucky find!

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