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27 March, 1995

Slept in my now double bed in Roberts with my computer next to me. Martin wakes up early to put on Aphex Twins, and was playing it while I went to sleep. Selected Ambient Works Vol 2.
I was in Mr. Mattson's class with Raina. She asked me to draw her the symbol for Mercury, which I did, half of it along the edge of folded paper. Mr. Mattson complemented me "I'm always teaching - as long as I've known him."
I was at home, with Mom and Dad. Dad was visiting for his birthday, or something. I went upstairs, to find him some of my jazz to listen to, and never went back.
I rode my bike, I went back to wired - in the office itself was nearly no one I knew - a lot of pale purple washed out screens and older looking freaks or lack thereof. the presence of anyone I knew was distinctly absent. I did see Jim Petersen, and I leaned towards him a little bit, but I wasn't going to see him - and didn't want to. Louis and Jane were in an office, doing some physical/spiritual exercise or getting a massage or something, I ignored them as well.

going in the hotwired door yeilded a mart and a coffee shop. Lots of flourescent lights and shiny products until the coffee shop which was overdone pretentious. It was by the back of the building - by the roof door and windows, where people were coming and going from. I had a talk with someone I used to know - can't remember who - about still working there and they were outfitted in bike messenger gear.

I got in a standoff fight - I got all punked out with this dude - I had his dry erase marker - I was writing everything down in my dream and I was writing on my swarthmore ID card with a dry erase marker at one point. We stood off and then I wandered away

to a massage parlour with a great view up a huge street area with picturesque bombed out buildings. naked japanese women lounged about on flat curved dark purple couch things. pale green gauzy curved curtains blew slightly in the wind, from the open wall behind. I sat with one woman and we talked. A stocky tall japanese dude with thick dark framed glasses checked me out and gave me shit for not being a customer. just a massage was $165, but more for more. I mentioned that I was hoping to get one for my girlfriend, but I wasn't going to pay more than $50. I looked on past the women and saw a room where old men were drugging and being manicured and preened.
Haia and went out for food. He mentioned double dating as I tried to pull him up a ledge he was under. I didn't have to, everyone else was walking around the ledge, and so did he.

went to a building where police had just busted up an underage drinking party. As I left the busted up building and as I was walking out through the trashed lobby, I realized that they had just come back to where this had already happened, to repeat the same action.

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