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Martín Carrillo

flag dawn Martín was my roommate spring of '95. We shared a room in Roberts with Justin Paulson.

I returned from my semester at HotWired, he had welding tools decorating the wall over my bed, and a chilean flag dominating his side of the room.

Quite an impassioned youth, so much so he even believes in politics! He might indeed change the world, he's creative and driven. He writes poetry, paints murals, welds, produces techno trax, designs and directs theatre. He's hyped about his band, Paramo featuring music from the Andean region.

His mother and my mother came to visit at the same time. His mother Eleanor stayed in our room with Martín and I for five days, attending class with Martin, eating in the dining hall. My mother stayed in a motel for two nights and we were lucky to get two meals together in one day. Different type of family intimacy.

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