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cam Cam's a bit like Jesse, always into a bit of something, and quite diggable to the chicks. No coincidence the two of them had a stormy relationship.

Cam's argumentative. Howard thinks I'm contentious, well he hasn't stayed with Cam. One long proof, argument neverending - great subjects; theoretical universes, computer futures, women, philosophy - always pitched polemical. Even arguing if we agree.

Cam greatly appreciates the music and artistry of Jimi Hendrix. He sent me a mix in 1995 "Cherokee Mist" - that thing's still sendin' shivers up my spine. Besides that, he's into the inner reaches of space, and high-falutin' graphix. He was one of the only people in High School with whom I could share BBS dial-up numbers and bootlegged fractal landscape software. That passion for exploring computers translated into a web programming job in Chicago.

I went to visit Cam in Arizona for some Dead shows, in March of 94. He was attending the University of Arizona, schoolus gigantus fratticus. Cam's roommate had spelled out the name of his fraternity in four foot high Mountain Dew can letters on the ceiling above his bed.

Here's a sample of quintessential Cam - voice

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