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GX notes - june, 2000

tuesday, 20 june

Someone here got fired very suddenly. That makes me sad. And also, when it was decided that they were fired, as soon as they were told, their computer was unplugged and taken away from them. So I'm taking this time to move and copy everything that I care about on this computer to my home servers.

Tons of Counter-Strike here these last few weeks. I got involved late, but I love it.

Interview with Peter Moore went live today.

Tammy got canned. Sad when people get fired. All of a sudden too.

18 June

from Tammy:

fun fact:

Average age of company: 6/9/1973

So in the last few months, we've gone from 23 to 27 years old, as we've gone from 25 to 110 employees.

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