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- jennifer

he has the nerve to tell me not all of my writing is good!

freak. mentor is become somewhat father, someone you identify with and against

I'm a strong willed independent person, even someone as wise and flexible and freewheeling as howard
causes me internal chafe at times
like if you want to be a writer you have to learn the craft
a vision more grueling than what I am doing now

like I've got to pay his dues instead of my own
and besides, maybe I'm an activist, or someone less academic

uneasy, cuz his writing ain't like mine
cuz he don't read my pages much

ambiguous at times about his effect on my prose
pushing the typifying extreme effect
my friends become even more caricatured

john lennon on his own goes too far out

william blake loses folks perhaps because he didn't bang ideas around?

got to be learning with from other folks

and I return to two things:

I know howard is good people
cuz whenever we's walkin' on the mountain,
he picks up trash.

and, he is a smart smart guy. he's always dropping authors, books, painters, scientists that make me feel at once underread (an important feeling) and pleased at the exposure,
because he can do brilliant synopsis.

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