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Brian Behlendorf

Bright Brian
Brian was among the most established net figures at HotWired. He had technical skills, as well as being the most engaged participant in usenet news at Wired. He participated vociferously in web newsgroups (before it was trendy), he started the SF Raves mailing list, which cohered a San Francisco rave community, and he set up Hyperreal, which is to this day a large techno, rave, ambient, drug culture archive. In addition, he's into VRML.
He's two years older than me, so we vied for the position of youngest at Wired. Whereas I only took a semester off to full-time persue my digital career, he dropped out of Cal Berkeley to do his thing - first Wired, then Organic - a commercial web venture. I have heard tell that his HyperReal is about online real estate sales, but he is still spinning his wheels for other web sites.
He's a cherubic fellow, given to mirth, a grin and a twinkle in his eye. He has long hair, which I think I saw out of a ponytail once. Otherwise, he was always seen wearing the same vintage Wired cap, shorts and a t-shirt. Even in the rain. Even in winter.
We went to Bill's Teriyaki Kitchen often. Bill's was the site of our cholesterol fix - teriyaki burgers: mayo, lettuce, tomato, burger with cheese and avocado, and teriyaki sauce on a kaiser. Brian would always pick up a newspaper, and would never end up reading it.

In September, 1995, Brian and Laura married!

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