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after months of plugging, I scored work at Wired magazine, in the online division, from June to August 1994
when the online division became HotWired,I stayed from August through January 1995.

Wired was the first computer magazine I saw with faces on the cover. They know technology is at the center of a wild world of change and culture, and they look forward to the wired world technocracy.

the folks
were the best part.

wired's a bit like
digital culture cocaine

pic at wired by ed rigaud
in the wired offices summer 94

i started in june 94. i took notes at a brainstorm session at howard's house on august 8. september 9, i was caught cranking in the office. i collected preditions about hotwired before we launched in late october. i put together a post-launch halloween hoedown.

in december, i published the hotwired index and i showed up in clubwired. i had a little disagreement with louis over internal corporate image. in december/january i wrote for the wired wire. i returned to college in mid-january. in 1996, i went to the 3rd anniversary party.

my desk at HotWired in 520 Third Street
my desk at HotWired, 520 Third Street

Back at college in 98 I composed a Wyrd of Wired - an epic poem of the story of Hot/Wired based on Beowulf.

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i built me a lil' bit o' wired news.

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