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Chip Bayers, Managing Editor

blue boy
Of all the HotHeads, Chip seemed the most grounded in the old school journalistic mold. He came from New York to work here, so maybe that's what it is.
Chip is everyone's potential confidant. Perhaps it's that soft murmur, or the occasional lowered gaze. He's good at making people feel comfortable, sitting talking scandal with him, while he plays with his rainbow koosh.
Chip was my boss while I was at Wired. After a while, we just didn't talk to each other that often. Maybe we were both waiting for the other one to come around. Potential lost, but I guess we were both doing important shit.
In late 1994, I'd work on projects for Howard and report to Chip. They were certainly on different planets, probably even galaxies.
Howard left, I'm working with him. Chip stayed to work for HotWired. I look at each of their home pages, and I think I made the right decision.

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